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Metallized CPE Film
Metallized CPE Film In Stock
Metallized CPE Film Application Coffee Bags
Metallized CPE Film Application Retort Bags
Metallized CPE Film
Metallized CPE Film In Stock
Metallized CPE Film Application Coffee Bags
Metallized CPE Film Application Retort Bags

Metallized CPE Film

Metallized CPE Film is a plastic film with an aluminum coating, offering excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties.

  • High Barrier Properties: Effectively blocks oxygen and moisture, preserving product freshness.
  • Excellent Gloss and Reflectivity: Enhances the visual appeal of packaging.
  • Strong Mechanical Strength: Offers excellent wear and tear resistance.
  • Good Printability and Processability: Compatible with various printing technologies.
  • Mono-material: Suitable for products made of mono-material PE, offering high compatibility and versatility.
  • Wide Applications: Suitable for various fields like food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.

Metallized CPE Film Description

The metallized CPE film excels in uniform aluminum layer thickness and excellent appearance, with precise control of its aluminum layer resistance to below 1.2 ohms.

Additionally, it exhibits outstanding adhesion, preventing layer transfer or delamination even after lamination, and maintains integrity without leakage even when boiled at 90°C for 30 minutes.

Its exceptional heat-sealing properties enable direct lamination with materials like PET, BOPP, and NY, reducing material usage and simplifying processes, thus lowering costs.

Even under extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C, it remains stable, retaining flexibility and resisting brittleness or bursting, even in harsh winter conditions.

To meet market demands, our company has introduced an innovative two-layer structure, streamlining the traditional three-layer configuration. By combining our 40um CPE metallized film with a 12um PET film, we’ve achieved satisfactory results.

Testing confirms that the compounded product exhibits an oxygen transmission rate of less than 8cm³/(㎡∙24h∙0.1MPa) and a moisture vapor transmission rate below 1.5g/(㎡∙24h), not only reducing costs and improving production efficiency but also aligning with energy-saving and environmentally friendly trends by reducing VOCs emissions.

Since our establishment in 2002, CloudFilm has been committed to providing customers with high-quality, efficient products and services. As manufacturers of metallized CPE films, we not only offer fast delivery but, more importantly, strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers. Understanding your specific needs, we provide customized solutions, ensuring confidence in choosing our products. Our goal is to become your trusted partner in success and growth.

Properties Unit Standard Value Typical Value
Thicnkess Tolerance % ±6.0 +0.3
Mean Deviatio ±2.0 +0.6
Film Density g/cm³ / 1.18
Sheet Resistance Ω / 1.63
AL Thickness Ω/□ 1.21
Uniform of AL layer % ±12 1.3
Adhesive Strength % ≤10 0
Wetting Tension(AL layer) Dyne ≥32 38
Coeff of
Dynamic / / 0.121
Static / / 0.123
MD Mpa ≥22 32
TD ≥18 21
at Break
MD % ≥500 733
TD ≥650 742
Heat Seal Strength n/15mm / 8

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CloudFilm is committed to delivering high-quality metallized CPE films and ensuring your product packaging is both appealing and protective. Let’s collaborate for mutual success!

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Metallized CPE Film Application

Medical Device Packaging: Used for sealing and protecting medical devices, ensuring sterility with its high barrier properties and resistance to extreme temperatures.

Food Packaging: Used for packaging snacks, dry goods, and frozen foods to extend shelf life and maintain freshness by providing a strong moisture and oxygen barrier.

Cosmetic Packaging: Utilized for cosmetic products to enhance aesthetic appeal and protect contents from contamination, benefiting from its excellent barrier qualities and appearance.

Industrial Applications: Applied in electronics, automotive, and construction for protecting components and materials against environmental factors, leveraging its thermal and chemical stability.


Discover the Excellence of Metallized CPE Film for Secure Packaging Solutions


Empower Your Brand with Our Superior Barrier Performance


Qingdao Cloud Film’s metallized CPE film excels in delivering superior barrier properties that protect sensitive products from moisture, oxygen, and other environmental factors. By choosing our metallized film, you ensure that your products maintain their quality and longevity, reducing waste and enhancing consumer satisfaction.


Exceptional Adhesion


Our metallized CPE film features exceptional adhesion, ensuring that the metallic layer remains firmly attached to the base film under all conditions. This property prevents delamination and guarantees the structural integrity of your packaging, crucial for preserving the contents during storage and transportation.


Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient


Qingdao Cloud Film is dedicated to sustainability. Our metallized CPE film is designed to be environmentally friendly, reducing VOC emissions and supporting your brand’s commitment to eco-conscious practices. By partnering with us, you contribute to a greener planet while still achieving excellent packaging performance.


Maximize Value and Benefit to Your Business with Our Packaging Films


At Qingdao Cloud Film, established in 2002, we leverage our experience and technology to provide high-performance metallized films that enhance your product’s market appeal and protection level. Our films offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or environmental responsibility. Partner with us to experience the benefits of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in packaging.


What are the primary benefits of using metallized CPE film in packaging?

Metallized CPE film offers excellent barrier properties against moisture and oxygen, enhances the shelf life of products, and provides a visually appealing finish ideal for marketing purposes.

How does metallized CPE film contribute to sustainability?

Metallized CPE film reduces the need for multiple layers of packaging, lowers material use, and is aligned with reducing VOC emissions, making it an environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Can metallized CPE film be customized for specific packaging needs?

Yes, metallized CPE film can be tailored to meet specific dimensions, thicknesses, and barrier properties to suit various packaging applications and requirements.

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