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PCR Film In Stock
PCR Film For Biscuits Packaging
PCR Film For Laminated Packaging
PCR Film For Mattress Packaging
PCR Film In Stock
PCR Film For Biscuits Packaging
PCR Film For Laminated Packaging
PCR Film For Mattress Packaging

PCR Film

PCR Film(Post-consumer Recycled Film) is an environmentally friendly film made from recycled materials after consumer use, supporting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

  • Renewable resin ration by your demand,from 20%、50% to 100%
  • TC released intime and accurate
  • Help you win the environmental packaging order from EU
  • Provide functional PE film with GRS and ISCC

PCR Film Description

PCR (post-consumer recycled) film is crafted from plastic materials that have been used, disposed of, and then collected from recycling programs. Unlike pre-consumer recycled content that utilizes factory scraps, PCR film focuses on the reutilization of consumer waste, turning what would be landfill material into valuable packaging resources. This not only extends the lifecycle of plastic materials but also significantly lowers the demand for virgin plastics.

In today’s eco-conscious world, businesses and consumers are actively seeking sustainable solutions that reduce environmental impact without compromising on quality. Post-consumer recycled (PCR) film emerges as a paramount innovation in the realm of eco-friendly packaging materials, championing sustainability and fostering a circular economy.

CloudFilm stands as China’s most trusted supplier of PCR film, committed to providing sustainable solutions that generate long-term value for consumer goods companies and retailers.

The PCR film supplied by CloudFilm meets the rigorous standards of theInternational Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) and Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification, ensuring that customers receive formally correct and precise Trade Certificates (TC) for their transactions. This not only represents a choice for a greener future but a strategic business decision for companies aiming at responsible and sustainable practices.

Specification 380mm x 100μm Test Standard QB/HL-C01-2013
Test Items Unit Standard Test Result Justification Test method
Tensile strength at break MD MPa ≥21 28.5 PASS GB/T1040.3
HD ≥19 27.1 PASS
Elongation at break MD % ≥200 623 PASS GB/T1040.3
HD ≥400 735 PASS
Coefficients of friction Static / ≤0.5 0.123 PASS GB/T10006
Kinetic ≤0.5 0.115 PASS
Wetting tension Treated Layer mN/m ≥38 38 PASS GB/T14216
Thickness Min % -8 -5 PASS GB/T6672
Max +8 +5 PASS
Initial sealing temperature / / 125 PASS Pression
0.3MPa Time 1S
Width / mm 0-+3 382 PASS GB/T6673
Appearance / / GB/T4456 PASS PASS GB/T4456

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Explore the benefits of our GRS-certified recycled films with customizable recycled content up to 100%. Ideal for diverse packaging needs, these films help you meet EU standards and enhance your eco-friendly initiatives. Contact us today for sustainable packaging solutions!

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PCR Film Application

General Packaging Bags: PCR film is extensively used in the manufacture of everyday packaging bags for retail and grocery stores, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bags.

Furniture Packaging: To protect furniture during shipping and storage, PCR film provides a durable and recyclable option that helps reduce waste.

Shrink Film: Used in packaging that needs to tightly conform to the shape of the product, PCR shrink films are ideal for bundling items and ensuring stability and protection.

Composite Packaging: In applications where barrier properties and strength are necessary, PCR film can be combined with other materials to create composite packaging suitable for food, medical, and industrial products.


Your Trusted Supplier of Customizable PCR Film


CloudFilm, as your trusted supplier, offers PCR films with renewable resin ratios tailored to your needs. Choose from 20%, 50%, or even 100% renewable content. We are a manufacturer committed to sustainability and precision in every product.


Timely and Accurate Trade Certificate Issuance


We ensure that Trade Certificates (TC) are released timely and accurately. This reliability makes CloudFilm the go-to manufacturer for businesses needing credible documentation for their sustainable packaging.


Winning EU Environmental Packaging Orders


CloudFilm helps you secure environmental packaging orders from the EU. Our PCR films are designed to meet stringent European standards, enabling you to succeed in competitive markets.


PCR Film - Sustainable Solutions For Packaging


Provide Functional PE Films with GRS and ISCC Certification


As a manufacturer, CloudFilm provides functional PE films that carry Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC). This commitment to quality ensures that our films support your sustainable goals effectively.


What are the benefits for you using GRS-certified recycled films?

Using GRS-certified recycled films can help you secure more eco-friendly packaging orders from the EU. These films comply with EU plastic tax laws, enabling tax exemptions and reducing environmental pollution, benefiting both people and the planet.

What types of packaging bags are suitable for PCR films?

PCR films are ideal for various packaging applications, including general packaging bags, furniture wrap, heat shrink films, and laminited packaging bags.

What is the recycled content in PCR films?

PCR films can be customized to contain recycled material ranging from 20%, 50%, to 100%, based on customer requirements.

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