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BOPA film is a type of nylon film stretched in two directions. It is widely used in packaging and is known for its excellent mechanical strength, good transparency, and gas barrier properties.


  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Excellent Barrier Properties
  • High Transparency
  • Chemical Stability
  • Balance of Barrier and Strength

BOPA Film Series

BOPA film offers high-quality solutions in the packaging field due to its outstanding mechanical strength, efficient gas and moisture barrier properties, excellent transparency and gloss, and good chemical and thermal stability. These characteristics make it an ideal choice for packaging food, pharmaceuticals, and industrial products.

High Mechanical Strength

BOPA film has excellent tensile and puncture resistance, making it suitable for packaging heavy or sharp objects.

Superior Barrier Properties

The film effectively blocks gases and moisture, helping to extend the shelf life of products.

Transparency and Gloss

The high transparency and gloss of BOPA film enhance the visual quality of products, aiding in sales.

Thermal Stability

Maintains stable performance over a wide temperature range, suitable for use under various environmental conditions.

Why Choose CloudFilm's BOPA Film For Your Flexible Packaging?

BOPA film, CloudFilm’s flagship product, embodies cutting-edge biaxial orientation technology, our commitment to quality, and our innovative spirit. Our BOPA film, known for its exceptional mechanical strength, superior barrier properties, and eco-friendly nature, provides comprehensive protection for your products, enhancing their competitive edge in the market. Opting for CloudFilm means choosing dependable quality, customized service, and professional team support.

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BOPA Film Applications

BOPA Film Application Frozen Foods Packaging

Food Packaging

BOPA film, with its excellent gas and aroma barrier properties, is widely used for packaging meat products, dairy products, frozen foods, ready-to-eat meals, baked goods, and seafood. It effectively extends the shelf life and preserves the freshness of the food.

BOPA Film Application Medical Device Packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging

The high barrier properties and strength of BOPA film make it an ideal choice for packaging pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostic reagents, protecting the products from external environmental influences.

BOPA Film Application Electronic Product Packaging

Electronic Product Packaging: BOPA film’s good mechanical performance and barrier properties make it suitable for the moisture-proof and anti-static packaging of sensitive electronic components and batteries, safeguarding the products from damage.

BOPA Film Application Detergent Packaging

Chemical Product Packaging

The high barrier properties and chemical stability of BOPA film make it ideal for packaging chemical raw materials, detergents, and other chemical products, effectively preventing product leakage and contamination.


The Ultimate FAQ About BOPA Film

Q: What are BOPA films?

A: BOPA (Biaxially Oriented Polyamide) films, also known as BON (Biaxially Oriented Nylon) films, are made from nylon and processed through biaxial orientation. This process stretches the film in machine and transverse directions, aligning the polymer chains parallel to the film plane and enhancing clarity, flexibility, and tensile properties.

BOPA films offer excellent barrier properties against oxygen and gases, making them ideal for food packaging and other applications where product preservation is crucial.


Q: What are the main advantages of BOPA films?

A: BOPA films are known for their high mechanical strength, excellent flexibility and tensile strength, high puncture resistance, notable thermoformability, superior clarity, transparency, and glossy finish.

They are particularly valued in the packaging industry for their ability to maintain the quality of oxygen-sensitive products​.


Q: What are the types of BOPA films?

A: the main types of BOPA films:

      1. Sequential BOPA:

  • This type involves stretching the film in two perpendicular directions at separate stages.
  • It’s a traditional method offering good control over the film’s properties in each direction.
  • Sequential BOPA films may be suitable for applications requiring specific strength or clarity in one direction over another.

       2. Simultaneous BOPA:

  • This method involves stretching the film in both directions simultaneously.
  • It’s a faster and more efficient production process compared to sequential BOPA.
  • Simultaneous BOPA films offer good overall properties but may not have the same level of fine-tuned control as sequential films.

      3. Blown BOPA:

  • This type involves stretching the film in one direction (longitudinally) as it exits a die during production.
  • It’s a less common method compared to the other two.
  • Blown BOPA films may have lower overall strength and may be used for specific applications with desired characteristics.


Q: How are BOPA films manufactured?

A: BOPA films are produced through either the Double Bubble Process or Tenter Frame Process. The Double Bubble Process is known for producing films with a balanced structure due to simultaneous stretching in all directions. At the same time, the Tenter Frame Process may not always yield a similar orientation but provides films with consistent thickness. The manufacturing process involves extrusion, reheating, stretching, and annealing steps, each critical for achieving the desired film properties.


Q: What are the applications of BOPA films?

A: BOPA films are extensively used in the food packaging industry for products that require high oxygen barriers, such as meats, sausages, dairy products, microwaveable meals, and frozen foods.

Due to their strength, puncture resistance, and barrier properties are also suitable for packaging medical, pharmaceutical goods, cosmetics, and various industrial products​.


Elevate Your Packaging Standards with Our Advanced BOPA Films


Superior Strength and Versatility


Dive into the future of flexible packaging with our BOPA (Biaxially Oriented Polyamide) Films, where unmatched strength meets unparalleled flexibility. Since our inception in 2002, we’ve been at the forefront of delivering packaging solutions that address the evolving needs of industries worldwide.

Our BOPA films, manufactured using cutting-edge technology, are a beacon of innovation — offering exceptional mechanical properties, gas barrier performance, and resistance to puncture and abrasion.

Ideal for an extensive range of applications, from food packaging to medical supplies, our films ensure your products are protected and preserved, maintaining the highest quality from shelf to home.


Customized Solutions, Endless Possibilities


Our commitment to versatility extends beyond our product range. Tailored to meet the diverse demands of our clientele, our BOPA films are adaptable to various packaging designs, supporting complex shapes and sizes without compromising integrity or aesthetics.

Whether for vacuum-packed delicacies or high-grade medical devices, our films adapt to your unique packaging needs, enhancing product safety, shelf life, and consumer appeal.


A Global Leader in Packaging Excellence


Rooted in Qingdao, China, and extending our reach across continents, we have solidified our position as a global supplier of choice for high-quality BOPA films. Our strategic location and robust logistics network ensure efficient delivery and service to clients worldwide.

With a legacy built on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we invite you to partner with us for your packaging needs. Together, let’s set new standards for excellence in packaging with our BOPA films — where durability meets desirability.

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