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PET Easy Tear Film Condiment Packaging
PET Easy Tear Film Pharmaceutical Powder Packaging
PET Easy Tear Film Coffee Packaging
PET Easy Tear Film Condiment Packaging
PET Easy Tear Film Pharmaceutical Powder Packaging
PET Easy Tear Film Coffee Packaging

PET Easy Tear Film

PET easy tear film is a specially designed PET film with excellent easy-tear properties. It is suitable for packaging that requires convenient opening, such as food, pharmaceutical, and daily consumer goods packaging.

  • Easy Tearability: Designed with pre-cut lines or small notches for quick and easy tearing
  • High Transparency: Allowing for easy viewing of the package’s content
  • Strong Tensile Strength: Featuring superior tensile strength, enhancing the durability of the packaging.
  • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to various chemicals, protecting the products from damage
  • Easy to Process: Compatible with various printing and processing techniques, facilitating product customization.

PET Easy Tear Film Description

PET easy tear film is primarily made of high-quality polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This easy tear film is widely used due to its excellent physical and chemical stability.

Its easy tearing, high transparency, temperature resistance, tensile strength, and eco-friendliness characterize it.

It is suitable for applications that require high transparency and easy-to-open packaging.

Owing to these characteristics, PET easy tear film is extensively used in the fields of food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and electronics packaging.

In traditional food packaging, such as for snacks or ready-to-eat products, hard-to-tear plastic films or the need for tools to open are often involved, which is inconvenient without tools or while walking.

PET easy tear film, designed as a small notch or pre-cut line, allows consumers to open the packaging easily without additional tools and is especially suitable for quick consumption scenarios.

It enhances the efficiency of opening in food packaging, improves consumer experience, and increases product appeal and food safety through its transparency and protective properties.

CloudFilm, your reliable PET easy tear film supplier,  is committed to providing the best product solutions and smoothing your business operations.

Type BOPET Heat Transfer Film Application Printing
Thickness(μm) 12~25 Certificate ISO9001/ CE/ UL
Width(mm) 300~2000 mm Package Pallet
Diameter(mm) 240~400 Sample Free
Paper Core(inch) 3″/6″ Payment T/T, LC,PayPal, Westunion
Material polyethylene terephthalate MOQ 1000KG
Corona Treatment None Port Qingdao Port
Processing Type Coextension Place of Origin China

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PET Easy Tear Film Applications

  • Used for packaging food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc., its easy-tear feature makes opening the product more convenient.
  • In security and anti-counterfeiting, the easy-tear film is used as a one-time seal to prove that the product has not been tampered with.
  • In the medical industry, easy-tear film is used for packaging products that need to be opened quickly and cleanly, such as dressings and medical instruments.


Innovative PET Easy Tear Film for Enhanced User Experience


CloudFilm, a key player in China’s plastic film supply chain, is proud to introduce our PET easy tear film, a superior packaging material renowned for its exceptional tearability, barrier properties, transparency, and mechanical strength.

Engineered for convenience, our PET easy tear film incorporates tear agents during production or undergoes special processing such as surface coatings or corona treatment to achieve its easy-tear feature.

These agents, typically low melting point polymers or waxes, significantly reduce the film’s tear strength, making it user-friendly and accessible for all ages.


Versatile Applications Across Industries


Our PET easy tear film finds extensive use in various sectors, including food packaging, daily necessities, and cosmetics packaging. Its remarkable characteristics make it an excellent choice for products requiring a seamless opening experience without cutting tools.

This film is designed to enhance the packaging quality of your products, ensuring they stand out on the shelves while providing the ultimate convenience to end-users.


CloudFilm: Synonymous with Quality and Innovation


At CloudFilm, we offer high-quality packaging film products, including PET easy tear film. Our commitment to innovation and comprehensive understanding of the packaging industry’s needs enables us to provide solutions that meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Choose CloudFilm’s easy tear film for packaging solutions that marry functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring your products capture the attention they deserve.


What Are the Excellent Properties of PET Easy Tear Film?

PET easy tear film is a category within PET films, characterized mainly by its ease of tearing and the properties of regular PET films, making it convenient to use.

Regular plastics often seal tightly at the closure, requiring significant effort to open, which can easily lead to spillage of contents or liquids from the packaging, resulting in unnecessary waste.

Children, who generally have less strength than adults, often find it difficult to open some packages independently, requiring assistance from parents, making it inconvenient to use.

Easy tear films have lower tear strength, making them easy to tear in longitudinal and transverse directions after bag formation. After using the easy tear film, consumers can open the packaging more easily without compromising its seal integrity. Opening and peeling are stable and smooth, making it easier and preventing spillage of objects or liquids, thus enhancing consumer usability.

This material is more suitable for children’s packaging, providing better protection when they open it.

Easy tear film requires a lower sealing temperature, making it suitable for high-speed automatic packaging with lower hexane extraction, meeting the hygiene standards of pharmaceuticals while reducing production costs.

Owing to the excellent properties of PE easy tear film, such as light-shielding, moisture-proofing, air-tightness, and barrier qualities, it is widely used in packaging various foods, medicines, cosmetics, etc.

What are the primary applications of PET Easy Tear Film?

The applications of PET Easy Tear Film are vast and varied, focusing on sectors that require both durability and ease of access. Notably, it is used in packaging consumer goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics, where secure yet accessible packaging is essential. The film’s easy-tear feature is particularly beneficial in single-use or portion-controlled packaging, allowing consumers to open packages without additional tools, thereby improving the user experience. Additionally, its use extends to industrial applications where quick and easy access to packaged materials is required.

How should PET Easy Tear Film be stored and handled?

Storing and handling PET Easy Tear Film require attention to maintain its quality and functionality. The film should be stored in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight to prevent any damage or degradation of its physical properties. Care should be taken to avoid premature tearing or damage to the easy-tear feature when handling the film, especially during the packaging process. Manufacturers should ensure that machinery and tools are appropriately adjusted to process this specialized film without compromising its integrity or performance.

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