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Reliable PE Film China Supplier

Polyethylene (PE) films are renowned for their heat sealability, durability, flexibility, and wide range of applications. As a cornerstone in the packaging industry, PE films cater to diverse needs, from agricultural to industrial uses. Our selection includes a variety of specialized PE films, each tailored to specific requirements.


  • Chemical Resistance
  • Durability and Strength
  • Flexibility and Ease of Processing
  • Moisture Barrier Properties
  • Recyclability and Environmental Considerations
  • Heat-Sealability

PE Film Series

At CLoudFilm, a premier Polyethylene (PE) film manufacturer and supplier, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive array of PE films, including LDPE films, MDPE films, and CPE films. Dedicated to providing single-material and 100% recyclable packaging solutions, our PE films are tailored to meet diverse packaging needs, ensuring quality, durability, and environmental sustainability—Trust CLoudFilm for all your PE film requirements.

Durability and Strength

PE films are notably strong and durable, exhibiting high resistance to tearing, puncturing, and impact. This makes them reliable for safeguarding products during transportation and handling, especially in demanding environments.

Chemical and Moisture Resistance

They offer excellent resistance to various chemicals and provide a formidable barrier against moisture. This dual resistance protects packaged contents from chemical reactions and moisture ingress, preserving their quality and integrity.

Flexibility and Processability

The inherent flexibility of PE films, combined with their ease of processing, allows for versatile applications across various industries. They can be easily fabricated into different shapes and sizes, accommodating various packaging needs.

Heat-Sealability and Compatibility

PE films possess superior heat-sealing properties, making them ideal for use as an inner layer in multilayer film structures. Their ability to effectively bond with other materials enhances packaging security and maintains the overall integrity of the packaging.

Why Choose CLoudFilm's PE Film for Your Packaging Needs?

Choose CLoudFilm’s PET film for outstanding packaging performance. As one of the top suppliers of PET film in China, we offer a variety of PET film types. Our PET film is known for its excellent quality and first-class service, helping your product stand out. Choosing us means choosing quality and reliability.

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PE Film Applications

PE Film Application Food Packaging

Packaging Material

PE film is one of the most commonly used packaging materials, extensively utilized for packaging food, beverages, daily necessities, and industrial products. It offers excellent flexibility, transparency, and barrier properties, effectively safeguarding products from environmental impacts.

PE Film Application Mulch Film

Agricultural Film

PE film is widely used in the agricultural sector for greenhouse covering films, mulch films, and drip irrigation tubes. These applications help regulate temperature and humidity, maintain soil moisture, and increase crop yields.

PE Film Application Plastic Bag

Industrial Products

In the industrial domain, PE film is employed to manufacture various containers, pipes, and film products, such as plastic bags, shrink films, and protective sheathing.

PE Film Application Disposable Glove

Medical Supplies

PE film also finds applications in the medical industry, where it is used to produce disposable gloves, aprons, and bed sheets, meeting hygiene and protection requirements.


The Ultimate FAQ About PE Film

Q: What is PE film?

A: PE film, or polyethylene film, is a plastic film made from polyethylene, the most common plastic worldwide. It’s known for its durability, flexibility, and moisture resistance, making it ideal for various applications, including packaging, agricultural films, and construction materials.


Q: What are the uses of PE films?

A: PE films are widely used in several industries due to their versatility. Key applications include protective packaging for goods, agricultural films to enhance crop growth and yield, moisture barriers in construction, and disposable diapers and plastic bags.


Q: How is PE film produced?

A: PE film is produced through a process called blown film extrusion. In this process, polyethylene granules are melted and extruded through a circular die, then blown into a bubble and cooled to form a thin film. This method allows for precise control over film thickness and properties.


Q: What’s the difference between PP and PE film?

A: PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene) films are plastic films, but their chemical structure and properties differ. PP film is known for its higher melting point, making it suitable for applications that require heat resistance. It also has a higher rigidity and clarity compared to PE film. On the other hand, PE film offers better flexibility and is more moisture-resistant, making it the preferred choice for packaging that requires a durable moisture barrier.


Q: How can PE film be recycled?

A: PE film can be recycled by collecting, cleaning, and re-melting the film into pellets. These pellets can then be used to produce new PE products. Recycling PE film reduces waste and conserves resources, though recyclability can depend on the presence of additives or the type of PE (e.g., high-density vs. low-density).


Q: What are the environmental impacts of PE films?

A: While PE film is durable and versatile, its environmental impact is a concern due to its slow degradation rate in landfills and potential for contributing to plastic pollution. Efforts to mitigate these impacts include promoting recycling, developing biodegradable PE film alternatives, and implementing policies to reduce single-use plastics.


Q: Is PE film suitable for making single-material packaging?

A: Yes, PE film is highly suitable for making single-material packaging due to its versatility, durability, and excellent barrier properties. The typical structure is MDO PE/PE films.

Single-material packaging, which uses only one type of material rather than a combination, is becoming increasingly popular for its ease of recycling. PE film can meet various packaging needs, such as strength, flexibility, and moisture resistance.

It is ideal for various packaging applications, including food, medical, and industrial goods. Its compatibility with recycling processes also supports sustainable packaging goals by facilitating the recycling stream, thereby reducing waste and improving the efficiency of recycling systems.


Q: Are there any biodegradable alternatives to PE film?

A: Yes, there are biodegradable alternatives to traditional PE film. These alternatives are made from various materials, including polylactic acid (PLA) derived from renewable resources like corn starch.

These biodegradable films are designed to break down more quickly and reduce environmental impact, though they may have different performance characteristics than conventional PE film.


Unveiling the Potential of PE Films


Dive deep into the world of PE Films, where versatility meets durability. Our extensive range of Polyethylene (PE) Films caters to a vast array of industrial and commercial needs, offering solutions that combine flexibility with resilience.

From lightweight yet strong films for packaging to robust options for agricultural and construction applications, our PE Films stand out for their adaptability and performance.


Customized Solutions for Diverse Applications


Our commitment to meeting diverse industry demands is reflected in our tailored PE Films. Whether you require high-density films for heavy-duty protection, medium-density films for an optimal balance of toughness and flexibility, or low-density films for superior clarity and stretchability, we have the right solution.

Our expertise enables us to deliver films perfect for applications ranging from food packaging and consumer goods wrapping to construction vapor barriers and agricultural covers.


Innovation, Sustainability, and Quality at the Core


At the heart of our PE Films collection lies a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and quality. Leveraging advanced manufacturing techniques, we produce films that are not only effective but also environmentally responsible.

We strive to support your sustainability goals without compromising quality or performance by focusing on recyclable materials and processes that minimize environmental impact. Choose our PE Films to enhance your products with packaging solutions that are durable, versatile, and conscious of the planet’s future.

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