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Aluminized PET Film
Aluminized PET Film Dry Fruit Packaging
Aluminized PET Film Electronics Packaging
Aluminized PET Film Tea Packaging
Aluminized PET Film
Aluminized PET Film Dry Fruit Packaging
Aluminized PET Film Electronics Packaging
Aluminized PET Film Tea Packaging

Aluminized PET Film

Aluminized PET film is a PET-based film coated with a reflective aluminum layer, ideal for insulation, packaging, and decorative applications, offering durability and heat resistance.

  • Good Gas and Light Barrier Properties
  • Excellent Moisture Barrier Performance
  • Good Heat Resistance
  • Excellent Puncture Resistance
  • Good Processing and Decorative Properties
  • UV Blocking
  • Metallic Luster

Aluminized PET Film Description

The aluminized PET film results from the vacuum aluminum plating process, in which melted metallic aluminum is evaporated under a high vacuum, and the aluminum atoms are then deposited in the vacuum evaporation chamber on the PET film, forming a composite flexible packaging film with barrier properties.

This aluminized polyester film has both plastic and metal-like characteristics. It is cheap and elegant, with good performance and high practical value.

Metallized PET film or Aluminized PET film can replace aluminum foil and other materials to some extent due to its excellent gas and light barrier, moisture resistance, heat resistance, processing, and decorative properties, as well as its high-speed automated forming, filling, and heat-sealing capabilities and high production efficiency.

Aluminized PET film is ideal for food packaging film and other applications. It is common in food packaging, composite materials, and adhesive labels and is commonly used in dry and lightweight food packaging, such as biscuits and puffs. It is especially appropriate for the luxury packaging of tobacco and alcohol, gift boxes, gold and silver card paper, and packaging materials for milk powder, tea, pharmaceuticals, and laser anti-counterfeiting materials.

The aluminized film used for food packaging is mainly food-grade, certified for the food safety standard, non-toxic, and safe to use. However, industrial applications are the subject of non-food-grade aluminized film use.

CloudFilm, a leading supplier of aluminized PET and aluminized Mylar film in China, is dedicated to delivering top-notch quality and innovative solutions.

Property Unit Typical values Test methods
Thickness μm 10-75 GB/T16958-2008
Tensile strength MD MPa 200 GB/T16958-2008
TD 200
Elastic Modulus MD MPa 3600 GB/T16958-2008
TD 3600
Elongation at break MD % 100 GB/T16958-2008
TD 100
Thermal Shrinkage MD % 2 GB/T16958-2008 (150°C. 30min)
TD 0.2
Friction coefficient Static 0.6 GB/T10006-1998
Dynamic 0.55
Haze % 3.5 GB/T2410
Glossiness % 120 GB/T8807
Wetting tension mN/M 54 GB/T14216
Note: The aboves values are typical test data of physical properties of the company’s products,which are only for reference.We can produce according to customers’requirements.
Type Metalized PET Film Application Packaging
Thickness(μm) 6~60 Certificate ISO9001/ CE/ UL
Width(mm) 300~2000 Package Pallet
Diameter(mm) 240~400 Sample Free
Paper Core(inch) 3″/6″ Payment T/T, LC,PayPal, Westunion
Material Polyethylene Terephthalate/AL MOQ 1000KG
Corona Treatment One side Port Qingdao Port
Processing Type Aluminum Coating Place of Origin China

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Aluminized PET Film Applications

  • Food Packaging: Aluminized PET films are widely used in the packaging of snacks, biscuits, and other dry foods due to their excellent barrier properties and metallic aesthetic, effectively preserving the freshness and taste of the food.
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging: In the pharmaceutical industry, aluminized PET films are used for packaging medications, particularly those sensitive to light and moisture, protecting them from external environmental factors.
  • Electronic: As shielding material in electronics, aluminized PET films play a vital role in preventing electromagnetic interference and protecting the performance of electronic devices.
  • Decorative Materials: In the decorative industry, aluminized PET films are used for various decorative materials, such as gift wrapping and decorative stickers, due to their metallic luster.
  • Air Conditioning and Insulation: In the construction industry, particularly in air conditioning and insulation systems, aluminized PET films are used as heat insulation and reflective materials to enhance energy efficiency and comfort.


Metalized PET Film: Your Premier Packaging Solution


Enhanced Shelf Appeal with Metallized PET Film


In today’s competitive marketplace, the presentation of your product can make all the difference. Our metalized PET film is designed to elevate your brand’s visual appeal, offering a sophisticated, glossy finish that captures attention.

Crafted using advanced metallization technology, this film provides a reflective surface that enhances the aesthetic value of your packaging, making it stand out on shelves.

Ideal for brands aiming for a premium look, our metalized PET film combines both form and function to meet your packaging needs.


Aluminized PET Film: The Barrier Your Product Needs


Protection against environmental factors is crucial for maintaining product integrity, and our aluminized PET film offers just that. Engineered to serve as a high barrier against moisture, oxygen, and light, this film ensures the longevity and freshness of your products.

Its exceptional barrier properties are particularly beneficial for food packaging, electronics, and other sensitive items, providing the protection they need from production to consumption.

With our aluminized PET film, you can trust that your product is well-preserved, retaining its quality and extending its shelf life.


Innovative Solutions with Metallized Film


Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our range of metalized PET films, tailored to offer versatile packaging solutions. Whether you’re looking for enhanced barrier qualities, superior mechanical strength, or excellent printability, our films deliver.

Our metalized PET film is suitable for various applications, including flexible packaging, decorative materials, and labeling. It is designed to adapt to your unique requirements.

By choosing our product, you’re not just selecting a packaging material; you’re opting for a solution that adds value to your product, enhancing its appeal and longevity.

Our metalized PET film is a testament to our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We integrate vital features such as visual appeal, protective barriers, and versatile application to provide a product that meets and exceeds market demands.

Embrace the future of packaging with metalized PET film from CloudFilm, a leading supplier of metallized PET film packaging and flexible packaging film solutions, to discover how our aluminized PET film can enhance your product presentation and protection.


What Are the Advantages Of Aluminized PET Film?

Aluminized PET film, which is PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) film coated with a thin layer of metal (usually aluminum), offers several advantages:

Improved Barrier Properties: The metal layer significantly enhances the film’s barrier against light, oxygen, and moisture, which is crucial for preserving the freshness and extending the shelf life of packaged goods.

Thermal Insulation: Metallized PET films reflect heat and light, making them suitable for thermal insulation and UV protection applications.

Aesthetic Appeal: The metallic finish provides a shiny and premium appearance, often desirable for packaging to attract consumer attention.

Electromagnetic Interference Shielding: These films can effectively block electromagnetic interference, making them suitable for electronic packaging.

Cost-Effective: Aluminized PET films are often more cost-effective than other materials with similar properties.

Lightweight and Flexible: Despite the added metal layer, these films remain lightweight and flexible, which is advantageous for various packaging and industrial applications.

These properties make aluminized PET films highly versatile and useful in numerous industries, including food packaging, electronics, insulation, and decorative materials.

Can Aluminized PET Films Replace Aluminium Foils?

Whether aluminized PET film can replace aluminum foil depends on the application’s requirements. With its lightweight, effective barrier properties and attractive metallic luster, aluminized PET film can substitute aluminum foil in certain applications. For instance, aluminized PET film can offer barrier and aesthetic qualities similar to aluminum foil in food packaging, insulation materials, and some decorative uses.

However, aluminum foil typically surpasses aluminized PET film in terms of thickness, barrier properties, and temperature resistance. Aluminum foil is thicker, offers greater barrier protection, especially against oxygen and moisture, and performs more stably under extreme temperatures. Therefore, aluminum foil might be a better choice in applications requiring superior barrier properties or use in high-temperature environments.

In summary, aluminized PET film can substitute for aluminum foil in certain cases, but whether it can completely replace it depends on the specific demands of the application and the environmental conditions.

What is the difference between metallized film and aluminum foil?

While both metallized film and aluminum foil have a metallic appearance, they differ significantly in their composition, properties, and applications:


Metallized film: A plastic film (like BOPP, PET) with a thin layer of aluminum deposited on its surface through a vacuum metallization process. The aluminum content is typically less than 1%.

Aluminum foil: Made entirely of rolled aluminum, offering a much higher metal content (usually over 99%).


Metallized film:

Lighter and more flexible: Easier to handle and shape.

Variable barrier properties: Depends on the type of plastic film and the thickness of the aluminum layer. Can be less effective than aluminum foil in blocking light, gases, and moisture.

Higher gloss: Can offer a more reflective and mirror-like appearance.

Less tear-resistant: Can be prone to tearing or puncturing.

Metallized BOPP Film Cosmetics Packaging

Aluminum foil:

Heavier and less flexible: Requires more care when handling.

Excellent barrier properties: Effectively blocks light, gases, and moisture.

Lower gloss: Has a more matte metallic sheen.

More tear-resistant: Offers better puncture resistance.


Metallized film:

Food packaging (e.g., snack bags, candy wrappers) due to its lightweight and decorative properties.

Thermal insulation (e.g., emergency blankets) due to its reflective ability.

Decorative applications (e.g., gift wrap, balloons) for its shiny appearance.

Aluminum foil:

Food packaging (e.g., wrapping leftovers, cooking) due to its excellent barrier properties and heat resistance.

Electrical applications (e.g., shielding cables) due to its good conductivity.

Construction (e.g., reflecting heat, waterproofing) due to its barrier properties.

In summary, metallized film offers a lighter, more visually appealing option with flexible handling but potentially weaker barrier properties. Aluminum foil provides superior barrier protection, tear resistance, and heat resistance but is heavier and less visually striking. The choice between them depends on the specific application and the desired properties.

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