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BOPP Matte Film
BOPP Matte Film Magzine Cover
BOPP Matte Film Cosmetic Packaging
BOPP Matte Film Perfume Bottle Packaging
BOPP Matte Film
BOPP Matte Film Magzine Cover
BOPP Matte Film Cosmetic Packaging
BOPP Matte Film Perfume Bottle Packaging

BOPP Matte Film

BOPP matte film is a non-reflective, biaxially oriented polypropylene film with a matte finish, ideal for packaging and labeling where glare reduction is essential.

  • Premium matte appearance: Offering an elegant and sophisticated visual effect
  • Superior printability: Suitable for various printing techniques
  • Good barrier properties: Effectively blocking gases and moisture
  • Suitable for a variety of post-processing applications: Such as laminating and packaging

BOPP Matte Film Description

CloudFilm’s BOPP matte film, also known as BOPP matt film or matt BOPP film, is a type of BOPP or biaxially oriented polypropylene film with one side matte and the other side treated for corona. It provides a matte effect and has excellent printability, making it ideal for matte BOPP labels and other printed products. The smooth and matte-textured surface of the matte BOPP films offers the sophistication of a matte look on packaging or printed products, thus creating a subtle but high-quality feel.

The BOPP matte film boasts special features such as excellent mechanical properties, superior printability, and enhanced barrier capabilities. These features give the material a wide scope of usage, including food and beverage packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceutical stationery, and book covers, where matt BOPP density and BOPP matter are essential.

CloudFilm, as the manufacturer of matte BOPP film and BOPP matt film, not only provides excellent films but also great service to customers. In addition, samples are provided for free, and our services are customized to meet your special requirements to guarantee the quality of our products. By hiring us, you will get a trustworthy partner in the BOPP matte film industry.

Type:BOPP Matte Film
No. Properties Unit Typical Vaule Test Result Test Methords
1 Width Average Value mm ±1.0 +0.1 GB/T6673-2001
2 Thickness Average Value µm 12/15/18±1.0 18.3 GB/T6672-2001
3 Tensile Strength MD MPa ≥120 128.0 GB/T1040.3-2006
TD ≥200 271.0
4 Elongation at break MD % ≤180 133.0
TD ≤65 48.0
5 Modulus of Elasticity MD MPa ≥2200 2412.3
TD / /
6 Hot-shrinkage rate MD % ≤4.5 1.8 GB/T10003-2008
TD ≤3.0 0.3
7 Coeff of Friction    (Dynamic) A/A ≤0.30 0.125 GB/T10006-2021
C/C / 0.139
8 Haze % ≤2.0 1.10 GB/T2410-2008
9 Gloss % ≥85 94.0 GB/T8807-1988
10 Heat Seal Strength A/A N/15mm ≥2.0 3.1 GB/T10003-2008
A/C ≥2.0 3.0
C/C ≥2.0 3.0
11 Water Vapour Transmission Rete g/(m²·24h·0.1mm) ≤2.0 0.7 GB/T1037-1988
12 Abrasion resistance % ≤1.0 0.8 YC/T 315
13 Outlook Good GB/T10003-2008
14 Value A grade
Note: A side is smooth surface
Testing environment:                                       Temperature: 23°C                  Moisture: 55 %
Type BOPP Matte Film Application protection and compounding of printing
Thickness(μm) 15~35 Certificate ISO9001/ CE/ UL
Width(mm) 300~2000 mm Package Pallet
Diameter(mm) 240~400 Sample Free
Paper Core(inch) 3″/6″ Payment T/T, LC,PayPal, Westunion
Material Polypropylene MOQ 1000KG
Corona Treatment One side/double side Port Qingdao Port
Processing Type Coextension Place of Origin China

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BOPP Matte Film Application

  • Food Packaging: Used to enhance the aesthetic and protective qualities of snacks, dry goods, and other food packaging.
  • Cosmetic Packaging: Suitable for packaging cosmetics and personal care products, offering an elegant appearance.
  • Stationery Products: Used to produce notebooks with matte covers, calendars, and other items.
  • Electronics Packaging: Provides protective packaging for mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices.
  • Gift Wrapping: Offers a distinctive appearance for wrapping gifts and holiday merchandise.
  • Labels and Stickers: Used for making anti-counterfeit labels, branding labels, and decorative stickers.
  • Book and Magazine Covers: Provides a high-quality appearance to book and magazine covers.


Elevate Your Packaging with CloudFilm’s Matte BOPP  Film

Unveil Sophistication with Every Package


In a world where first impressions matter, packaging plays a pivotal role in the perception of quality. CloudFilm introduces the BOPP matte film, a testament to our dedication to enhancing packaging with elegance and sophistication. Designed for those who seek to make a subtle yet impactful statement, our BOPP matte film offers an anti-glare surface that enhances text and images, providing your products with an understated, high-quality feel.


Versatile Excellence Across Industries


Our BOPP matte film is not just about looks; it combines excellent mechanical properties, superior printability, and enhanced barrier performance, making it the ideal choice for various industries. From food and beverage packaging to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, stationery, and book covers, this film adapts to your needs, ensuring your products stand out while protected.


Why Choose CloudFilm- The BOPP Matter Film Manufacturer?


  • Quality You Can Trust: Manufactured with meticulous attention to detail, our BOPP matte film is innovative and high-quality, promising to elevate your brand’s packaging.
  • Customized to Your Needs: Understanding that every brand is unique, we offer customized services to tailor our products to your specific requirements.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Your satisfaction is our priority at CloudFilm. We provide free samples for your evaluation and a dedicated team ready to assist you 24/7.


Make the Right Impression


Opting for our matte BOPP film means choosing a packaging solution that speaks volumes about your brand’s commitment to quality and elegance. Embrace the sophistication of a matte look and let your products capture attention, silently conveying their premium nature.

Join us in transforming packaging into an art form. With matte BOPP film Manufacturer CloudFilm, embark on a journey towards packaging perfection where quality meets elegance. Discover the difference today.


What are the main uses of BOPP Matte Film?

This versatile film is predominantly used in the packaging industry, catering to a wide range of products such as snacks, pasta, baked goods, and cosmetics. Its elegant matte appearance adds value to product presentation and brand differentiation on retail shelves. Additionally, BOPP Matte Film is employed in the production of labels that demand a premium, non-reflective finish, and for laminating purposes where a subtle, sophisticated texture is desired, including book covers and marketing materials.

How does the matte finish affect the film's properties?

The matte finish of BOPP Film does not compromise its inherent properties such as durability, moisture resistance, and clarity. Instead, it enhances the film’s usability and aesthetic appeal. The surface provides an excellent substrate for printing, offering better ink adhesion and visibility under various lighting conditions. Furthermore, the matte texture provides a tactile quality that can elevate the consumer experience with the product.

What is BOPP Matte Films?

BOPP matte film is a regular BOPP plastic film with a non-shiny, frosted surface on one or both sides. This makes it less see-through and gives packaging a more high-end look. It’s also good for printing on.

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