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CloudFilm's heat sealable BOPP film rolls for food packaging and lamination
Heat Sealable BOPP Film Mask Packaging
Heat Sealable BOPP Film Snacks Packaging
Heat Sealable BOPP Film Straw Packaging
CloudFilm's heat sealable BOPP film rolls for food packaging and lamination
Heat Sealable BOPP Film Mask Packaging
Heat Sealable BOPP Film Snacks Packaging
Heat Sealable BOPP Film Straw Packaging

Heat Sealable BOPP Film

Heat sealable BOPP film is a specialized, biaxially oriented polypropylene film with excellent heat-sealing properties, widely used in flexible packaging and labeling applications.

  • Excellent heat sealing properties: Ensuring packaging integrity and seal.
  • High transparency and gloss: Enhancing the visual appeal of the product.
  • Customizable thickness and dimensions: To meet diverse packaging requirements.
  • Good barrier properties: Effectively protecting products from moisture and contamination.

Heat Sealable BOPP Film Description

Heat sealable BOPP film, or BOPP heat sealable film, is made from biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), a versatile packaging material renowned for its excellent heat sealing properties, also referred to as BOPP heat seal properties. These properties ensure packaging integrity by forming a secure seal upon heating. The heat sealable film we supply has good heat slip properties to meet the high speed slip in the hot state so that the packaging line can run at full speed without compromising efficiency or seal integrity.

Additionally, the surface energy of BOPP heat sealable film is low. After corona treatment, it exhibits good printability and can achieve a visually appealing appearance through overprinting. Therefore, it can be used as the surface material for laminated films.

Both single-side and double-side heat seal film are available. The single-side heat sealable film is applied to an elementary type of vertical or horizontal packaging bag. It is characterized by its high-strength heat seal, which means high-speed processing in catering packaging; gloss calculated with transparency enhancing visual appeal; and hygiene and safety guaranteed by the barrier and tear resistance. The food industry intensively uses it for high-end or disposable utensils, packages of masks, straws, dried seafood, vacuum-packed grains, and medicinal herbs.

Double-sided heat sealable film is often used for packaging design, taking complex shapes such as cubes and pillows. Its characteristics include transparency and gloss, which can be good for visual attraction, strong heat seal performance, and processing adaptability for many applications like tissue and film packaging. Photos can be further manipulated to be sent to other processes such as laser, glitter, etc.

CloudFilm, a leading BOPP heat sealable film supplier in China, offers personalized customization options to meet your unique packaging needs. Whether you require food-grade BOPP heat sealable film or high clarity BOPP heat sealable film, we have the solution for you.

Properties Test Methods Unit Typical Data
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength MD ASTM D882 N/mm² ≥135
TD ≥240
Elongation at break MD ASTM D882 % ≤200
TD ≤65
Physical Properties
Coefficient of friction ASTM D1894 / ≤0.6
Density ASTM D792 g/cm³ 0.91
Gloss ASTM D2457 % ≥90
Haze ASTM D1003 % ≤2.0
Thermal Properties
Heat Shrinkage MD ASTM D1204 % ≤3.5
TD 120℃/2min ≤2.0
Heat seal temperature range ASTM F88 115-140
Heat seal strength ASTM F89 N/15mm ≥2.5(125℃)
Other Properties
Surface tension Corona Side ASTM D2578 Dyne ≥38


Thicnkess(micron) 15-40 Grade Food Grade
Width(mm) 100-2000 Material BOPP
Length(m) 2000-5000 MOQ 1000kgs
Paper Core(inch) 3″/ 6″ Sample Free
Color Transparent Packaging Pallet

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Heat Sealable BOPP Film Application

  • Food Packaging: BOPP heat sealable film is used to package various foods, such as snacks, candies, and frozen items, prolonging shelf life and maintaining freshness.
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging: Utilized in packaging medications and medical supplies, ensuring hygiene and safety of the products and preventing contamination.
  • Household Product Packaging: Used for packaging everyday items such as toilet paper and detergents, offering convenient storage and usage.
  • Cosmetic Packaging: This material is appropriate for the outer packaging of various cosmetics, such as skincare products and makeup, enhancing product appeal and providing protection.
  • Stationery Packaging: Used to seal stationery products such as pens and notebooks, keeping them neat and organized.
  • Electronics Packaging: Employed in anti-static packaging of electronic products, protecting sensitive components from damage.
  • Textile Packaging: Used for packaging garments and fabrics, preventing dust and moisture, and maintaining product quality.


Discover the Excellence of Heat Sealable BOPP Film for Secure Packaging Solutions


Innovative Packaging with Heat Sealable BOPP Film


CloudFilm takes pride in our cutting-edge BOPP heat sealable film, designed to meet the packaging industry’s dynamic needs. As a premier BOPP lamination film supplier, our products deliver unmatched quality and performance, setting new benchmarks for reliability and efficiency.

Our BOPP heat sealable film combines excellent heat seal properties with superior clarity and strength, offering an optimal packaging solution that stands out in the competitive market.


Why Opt for CloudFilm’s Heat Sealable BOPP Film?


Heat Sealable BOPP Film - Why Opt for CloudFilm’s Heat Sealable BOPP Film


  • Superior Sealing Performance: Our BOPP Thermal Lamination Film is celebrated for its robust heat seal performance, making it ideal for various packaging applications. From high-speed packaging processes to securing perishable goods, our film ensures impeccable seal integrity.
  • Versatility Unleashed: Whether you’re packaging food, pharmaceuticals, or consumer goods, our Heat Sealable BOPP film adapts seamlessly. Its excellent thermal properties and adaptability make it a go-to choice for manufacturers looking for efficient and reliable packaging solutions.
  • Visual Appeal: Elevate your product’s shelf presence with our BOPP Thermal Film. Known for its high transparency and glossy finish, it enhances the visual quality of your packaging, making your products more appealing to consumers.
  • Trusted by Industry Leaders: As a renowned BOPP lamination film manufacturer, CloudFilm is the preferred partner for businesses seeking top-tier packaging materials. Our commitment to quality has earned us collaborations with industry giants, reinforcing our status as a trusted supplier in the global market.


Partner with a Leader in Heat Sealable BOPP Film


Choosing CloudFilm means opting for excellence. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and expertise as a leading BOPP lamination film manufacturer enable us to deliver high-quality heat sealable BOPP films that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We offer personalized customization, catering to your unique packaging needs with precision and care.


Elevate Your Packaging with CloudFilm


Ready to transform your packaging with the highest-quality BOPP heat sealable film? Today, contact CloudFilm, your reliable BOPP lamination film supplier, and discover how our solutions can drive your success. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who trust us for their packaging needs and experience the CloudFilm difference.


What Is the Heat Sealable BOPP Film?

The BOPP heat sealable film (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) typically ranges from 110°C to 140°C (230°F to 284°F).

However, the specific heat-sealing temperature may vary depending on the type and thickness of the BOPP film. Some specialized BOPP films may require higher or lower heat-sealing temperatures.

In practical applications, it is recommended to refer to the technical datasheet of the specific BOPP film product or the manufacturer’s recommendations to determine the optimal heat-sealing conditions.

Can Bopp be heat sealed?
  • Standard BOPP film may not be heat sealable inherently. It might melt at high heat but not necessarily seal well.

  • A heat sealable BOPP film is a specifically modified version. During manufacturing, a heat seal layer is added to the BOPP film. This layer has a lower melting point than the core BOPP material. When applied heat and pressure, this layer activates, allowing the BOPP film to form strong seals.

So, not all BOPP films are heat sealable, but there are specially designed versions with heat sealable properties achieved through modifications. These modified BOPP films are widely used for packaging applications that require heat sealing.

What Are The Main Uses of BOPP Heat Sealable Film?

BOPP heat sealable film, which can form strong seals when heat and pressure are applied, is a workhorse in the packaging industry. Here are its main uses:

  • Food Packaging: It’s ideal for creating food pouches, bags, and wraps for snacks, bakery items, and other products. The heat seals ensure freshness and prevent leaks or tampering.

  • Non-Food Packaging: BOPP film is used to package various non-food items like stationery, clothes, toys, and consumer goods. The heat seals keep them secure and protected.

  • Laminating: Heat sealed BOPP film can be laminated onto other materials, such as paper or cardboard, to create stronger, more moisture-resistant packaging or product displays.

  • Lids and Pouches: Resealable pouches and lidding for containers often use BOPP film with heat seals. This allows for easy opening and closing while maintaining freshness.

  • Stationery and Printing: BOPP film can be heat sealed to create clear covers for notebooks, textbooks, or other printed materials, protecting them from wear and tear.

Overall, BOPP heat sealable film’s versatility, strength, and ability to create tamper-evident closures make it a go-to choice for various packaging and product presentation needs.

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