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BOPP Cigarette Film
BOPP Cigarette Film Cosmetics Packaging
BOPP Cigarette Film Electronics Packaging
BOPP Cigarette Film Cigarette Packaging
BOPP Cigarette Film
BOPP Cigarette Film Cosmetics Packaging
BOPP Cigarette Film Electronics Packaging
BOPP Cigarette Film Cigarette Packaging

BOPP Cigarette Film

BOPP cigarette film is a lightweight, high-strength, transparent packaging material made primarily from polypropylene.

  • High transparency and glossiness: Ensuring the product’s visual appeal is enhanced
  • Good moisture barrier properties: Protecting the product from humidity and moisture
  • Optimized for printing and processing: Allowing for high-quality printing and efficient processing
  • Closely conforms to packaging needs: Suitable for various packaging designs, offering flexibility in packaging options.

BOPP Cigarette Film Description

BOPP has superb moisture and odor resistance properties, which explain its presence in this competitive segment of the industry. These reproducible friction coefficients and shrinkage characteristics offer tight packaging and quality visual presentation.

Our BOPP cigarette films are well known for their high transparency and glossiness, as well as for mechanical strength and moisture barrier properties, so they can help in an attractive product appearance and also in its dryness and freshness. As an environmentally friendly product, it keeps up with the zeitgeist of environmental protection.

Our BOPP cigarette films can be used in different applications, specifically, in the cigarette packaging area where they excel. They are highly used in cigarette inner packaging films, outer packaging films, and strip packaging films. They not only fit perfectly around the cigarette box to protect the cigarettes inside from moisture and contamination but also show the beautiful design of the cigarette box through the high transparency and glossiness, which helps draw the attention of consumers.

CloudFilm, a leading plastic film company founded in 2002, has changed the face of the tobacco industry with the introduction of new innovative products. We are experts in the manufacture of outstanding tobacco film products, thus supplying you with more value.

These products are made in such a way that they satisfy the highest standards demanded by high-speed packaging machines and meet the requirements of the ever-growing needs of the tobacco industry.Our portfolio includes high-quality clear plastic film options that cater specifically to the intricate demands of tobacco packaging.

Type:BOPP Cigarette Over Wrap Shrink Film
No. Properties Unit Typical Vaule Test Result Test Methords
1 Width Average Value mm ±1.0 +0.1 GB/T6673-2001
2 Thickness Average Value µm 21±1.0 21.0 GB/T6672-2001
3 Tensile Strength MD MPa ≥150 170.2 GB/T1040.3-2006
TD / /
4 Elongation at break MD % ≤180 155.9
TD / /
5 Modulus of Elasticity MD MPa ≥2200 2515.6
TD / /
6 Hot-shrinkage rate MD % 9±3 8.0 GB/T10003-2008
TD 9±3 8.6
7 Coeff of Friction    (Dynamic) A/A   ≤0.30 0.118 GB/T10006-2021
C/C / 0.139
8 Haze % ≤1.8 1.10 GB/T2410-2008
9 Gloss % ≥85 94.2 GB/T8807-1988
10 Heat Seal Strength A/A N/15mm ≥2.0 3.0 GB/T10003-2008
A/C ≥2.0 3.1
C/C ≥2.0 3.2
11 Water vapour transmission rete g/(m²·24h·0.1mm) ≤2.0 1.0 GB/T1037-1988
12 Abrasion resistance % ≤1.0 0.8 YC/T 315
13 Outlook Good GB/T10003-2008
14 Value A grade
Note: A side is smooth surface
Testing environment:                                       Temperature: 23°C                  Moisture: 55 %
Type BOPP Cigarette Film MOQ 1000KG
Thickness(μm) 18~52 Certificate ISO9001/ CE/ UL
Width(mm) 300~2000 mm Package Pallet
Diameter(mm) 240~400 Sample Free
Paper Core(inch) 3″/6″ Payment T/T, LC,PayPal, Westunion
Material Polypropylene Application protection and compounding of printing
Heat Sealable Side One or Both side Port Qingdao Port
Processing Type Biaxially Oriented Place of Origin China

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BOPP Cigarette Film Application

  • Cigarette Packaging: Used for wrapping and protecting cigarette boxes, enhancing the product’s appearance and preservation.
  • Food Packaging: Suitable for the food industry, used to maintain food freshness and prevent moisture.
  • Stationery and Daily Goods Packaging: Used for packaging stationery, toys, and other daily items, offering transparent display and protection.
  • Electronics Packaging: Used for the external packaging of electronic products, providing dust-proof and antistatic protection.
  • Cosmetics Packaging: Suitable for the outer packaging of cosmetics, increasing product appeal and protection.


Elevating Tobacco Packaging to New Heights: BOPP Cigarette Film by CloudFilm


In the competitive world of tobacco packaging, CloudFilm emerges as a pioneering force with its advanced BOPP cigarette film. Tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the tobacco industry, our films are engineered to protect and showcase the elegance of cigarette boxes.

The BOPP cigarette film, known for its high transparency and glossiness, is an exemplary choice for manufacturers aiming to capture consumer attention through visually appealing packaging.


Innovative Features of BOPP Tobacco Film


Our BOPP tobacco film stands out for its exceptional mechanical strength and superior moisture barrier properties, ensuring the dryness and freshness of tobacco products.

As a result of its innovative design, the film offers an excellent shrinkage characteristic, making it perfect for tight packaging that preserves the integrity and aesthetic appeal of cigarette packs.

Emphasizing environmental responsibility, CloudFilm’s BOPP film for cigarettes aligns with the current sustainability trends, making it an environmentally friendly option in tobacco packaging.


BOPP Cigarette Film: The Ultimate Protection and Presentation


CloudFilm’s BOPP shrink cigarette film is designed to fit snugly around cigarette boxes, safeguarding the contents from moisture and contamination.

The film’s high transparency and gloss not only enhance the product’s appearance but also contribute to its protection, ensuring that the exquisite design of the cigarette box is visible and attractive to consumers. This attribute is crucial for tobacco brands striving to make a lasting impression on the shelf.


Partnering with CloudFilm: A Strategic Advantage


Choosing CloudFilm as your supplier of BOPP cigarette film means partnering with an industry leader dedicated to innovation and quality.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the meticulous production of our BOPP tobacco films, designed to meet the high standards required by high-speed packaging machines and the evolving demands of the tobacco sector.

Our expertise and innovative approach provide our clients a significant competitive edge, delivering value beyond just packaging solutions.


Why Cigarette Packs Are Wrapped With Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Films?

Firstly, the biaxial orientation process enhances the mechanical strength and transparency of BOPP films, providing robust protection and visual appeal.

Secondly, BOPP films exhibit excellent thermal shrinkage properties, enabling a tight and uniform fit around cigarette packs during the heat-sealing packaging process.

Additionally, BOPP films effectively prevent the penetration of moisture and oxygen, thus preserving the freshness of cigarettes.

Lastly, BOPP films are suitable for high-speed packaging lines, enhance production efficiency, and are easily printable, facilitating the display of brand information.

How is BOPP Cigarette Film produced?

BOPP Cigarette Film is produced through a biaxial orientation process. This involves melting down polypropylene polymer and extruding it into a sheet. The sheet is then stretched in two directions: longitudinally and transversely. This biaxial stretching enhances the film’s strength, clarity, and barrier properties. The film is cooled, treated to enhance its surface properties, and finally rolled for shipment. This process ensures that the BOPP Film meets the high standards required for cigarette packaging.

How should BOPP Cigarette Film be stored and handled?

To maintain its quality, BOPP Cigarette Film should be stored in a clean, dry, and well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Care should be taken during handling to avoid creases and damage to the film’s edges, as this can affect its performance and appearance. Rolls of film should be kept upright on pallets and protected from dust and dirt to ensure optimal condition for use.

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