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PET Twist Film Various Types
PET Twist Film In Stock
PET Twist Film Lollipop Packaging
BOPE Twist film
PET Twist Film Various Types
PET Twist Film In Stock
PET Twist Film Lollipop Packaging
BOPE Twist film

PET Twist Film

PET twist film is a highly elastic and transparent packaging material specifically designed for products requiring twist or twirl closures, such as candy wrappers, maintaining excellent shape retention and ease of handling, making it ideal for twist wrap packaging.

  • Superior twisting capability: Facilitating shape retention in packaging
  • Good mechanical strength: Enhancing packaging durability
  • Chemical corrosion resistance: Suitable for a variety of product packaging
  • Food-grade safety standards: Can be in direct contact with food
  • Easy to print and customize: Adapting to diverse market needs

PET Twist Film Description

PET twist film, also known as twist wrap film or twistable film, is a function of Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate film; on one side, it is coated with an antistatic layer, and on the other one, it can have either a regular or a corona-treated surface.

The surface of our PET twist film undergoes a specialized treatment that prevents stickiness, ensuring smooth twisting and untwisting while maintaining its shape and strength. This makes it perfect for use with automated candy wrappers and other twist wrap packaging applications.

The CloudFilm’s PET twist film provides high strength and torsion retention and does not have a static problem with the best execution on complicated automatic packaging machines.

Thanks to its good bendability and grit, this PET twist is widely used to wrap candies, chocolates, lollipops, and other confections.

Property Unit Typical values Test methods
Thickness μm 19-23 GB/T16958-2008
Tensile strength MD MPa 210/240 GB/T1040.3-2006
Elongation at break MD % 100 GB/T10006-1998
TD 80
Elastic Modulus MD MPa 3800
TD 3800
Thermal Shrinkage MD % 18 GB/T10003-2008
TD 28
Friction coefficient Static 0.6 GB/T10006-1998
Dynamic 0.5
Haze % 3 GB/T19789
Glossiness % 120 GB/T26253
Wetting tension Treated mN/M 46 GB/T 14216
Untreated 40
Note: The above values are typical test data of physical properties of the company’s products, which are only for reference. We can produce according to your requirements.
Type BOPET Twist Films Application Packaging/Printing
Thickness(μm) 12~35 Certificate ISO9001/ CE/ UL
Width(mm) 300~2000 mm Package Pallet
Diameter(mm) 240~400 Sample Free
Paper Core(inch) 3″/6″ Payment T/T, LC,PayPal, Westunion
Material polyethylene terephthalate MOQ 1000KG
Corona Treatment One side Port Qingdao Port
Processing Type Coextension Place of Origin China

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PET Twist Film Applications

PET twist film is highly strong, stiff, and stable, enabling it to meet various packaging needs. It offers a range of thicknesses to cater to various product requirements, whether you need food packaging film for delicate candies or a more robust solution for heavier items.

19μm PET twist film is mainly used for manually packaging jerky, fresh fruit, and paper-plastic composite twist film. In contrast, 23μm and 25μm are primarily used for candy and chocolate twist film packaging.

In addition, PET twist film has also been widely used in food, cosmetics, medicine, electronics, and other industries. It can provide high-quality packaging effects and meet people’s pursuit of environmental protection and health.


Transform Your Packaging with PET Twist Film


PET Twist Film: The Innovative Twist Wrap Packaging Solution


Dive into the dynamic world of twist wrap packaging with our PET twist film. As a leading PET film manufacturer and bopet polyester film supplier, CloudFilm is committed to delivering innovative solutions that exceed market expectations. Our PET plastic film combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, making it perfect for brands seeking to elevate their product presentation.

Our PET twist film is designed to enhance the consumer experience, offering a unique unboxing journey with its captivating twists and turns. Perfect for wrapping candies, chocolates, or any product requiring an attractive presentation, this film ensures your products are not just seen but remembered.


Unmatched Quality and Versatility


Crafted using the latest film technology, our PET twist film offers unparalleled clarity, strength, and flexibility. It stands out for its ability to maintain shape and vibrant colors, making it the ideal choice for brands looking to make a statement.

Beyond its visual appeal, the film’s durability ensures product protection, maintaining freshness and extending shelf life. As a trusted PET film Supplier, we guarantee a product that is as reliable as it is beautiful, catering to various packaging needs across various industries.


Partnering for Success


At CloudFilm, we understand the importance of differentiation in today’s competitive market. We offer customizable solutions, allowing brands to incorporate their unique identity into the packaging.

From selecting the correct film specifications to choosing finishes that resonate with your brand’s ethos, our team is dedicated to ensuring your products stand out on the shelves.

Partner with us, a renowned PET Film manufacturer, to leverage the power of PET twist film in your packaging strategy and watch your brand grow.

Discover the potential of PET twist film to transform your twist wrap packaging into a visual and tactile experience that captivates your audience. Contact CloudFilm today to explore how we can elevate your packaging game.


What Is Difference Between PET Twist Film and PVC Twist Film?

PET twist film (Polyethylene Terephthalate film) and PVC twist film (Polyvinyl Chloride film) differ significantly in material composition, performance characteristics, and application areas:

Material Composition:

PET film is made from polyethylene terephthalate and is a thermoplastic polyester material.

PVC film is made from polyvinyl chloride, containing chlorine, and is an ordinary plastic material.

Performance Characteristics:

PET film has good mechanical properties, such as tensile strength and tear resistance, as well as excellent chemical stability and transparency.

PVC film has better flexibility, but its chemical resistance and thermal stability are generally inferior to PET. PVC may also release harmful substances, especially when heated.

Environmental Impact:

PET film is generally considered an environmentally friendly option, as it is easily recyclable and does not contain chlorine.

Due to its chlorine content and greater recycling challenges, PVC film may have adverse environmental effects during production and disposal.

Application Areas:

PET film is widely used in food packaging, electronic product packaging, bottle labels, and other applications where good barrier properties and transparency are required.

PVC film is commonly used in packaging (such as shrink film), building materials, medical supplies, and other areas.

Can BOPET twist films be printed on?

Yes, BOPET twist films can be printed using various techniques, such as flexography or rotogravure. This allows for branding, labeling, or adding important information directly onto the film.

  • The type of printing process and inks used will depend on the specific application and desired outcome. Discuss your printing needs with your BOPET twist film supplier for the best recommendations.
Are BOPET twist films strong enough for my product?

BOPET twist films, or polyester twist films, are known for their excellent strength and durability. They are resistant to tearing, punctures, and abrasions. However, the specific strength required will depend on the weight and shape of your product.

  • Be sure to communicate the weight and dimensions of your product to your film supplier. They can recommend the appropriate thickness and grade of BOPET twist film to ensure it can handle your specific needs.

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