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Roll of CloudFilm's ALOx coated PET film for packaging applications.
ALOx PET Film Corn Packaging
ALOx PET Film Dry Fruit Packaging
ALOx PET Film Meat Vacuum Packaging
Roll of CloudFilm's ALOx coated PET film for packaging applications.
ALOx PET Film Corn Packaging
ALOx PET Film Dry Fruit Packaging
ALOx PET Film Meat Vacuum Packaging


ALOx PET film is a PET film with superior barrier properties, effectively blocking gases and moisture. It is widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging to maintain product quality and extend shelf life. The ALOx PET film can be used for food packaging, but not direct contact with content.

  • Superior oxygen and water vapor barrier properties: Extending product shelf life.
  • Good mechanical strength and abrasion resistance: Suitable for various packaging requirements.
  • Strong UV resistance: Protecting products from light exposure.
  • Chemical resistance: Suitable for packaging sensitive substances.
  • Surface treatable: Enhancing printing and adhesive properties.
  • Non Heat sealing ability: Only use as middle or outer layer

ALOx PET Film Description

ALOx PET film (aluminum oxide high barrier PET film), also known as alox coated PET film or PET alox film, is a high barrier film solution where aluminum oxide is deposited onto a BOPET film substrate under vacuum, thereby solving the flexible packaging problem through a transparent and high barrier solution.

Transparent ALOx PET film is particularly suitable for barrier packaging applications where product visibility is crucial. Alox-coated films are easy to print and laminate, offering excellent clarity and colorlessness while remaining environmentally friendly. The superior oxygen and water vapor barrier properties of AlOx-coated PET film extend the shelf life of food products, ensuring freshness and quality.

Besides containing metal (ALOx), the film has a shallow metallic content that metal detectors cannot detect in the oxidized form. Therefore, it is an alternative material like metalized films or aluminum foil. We are also coating our films with aluminum oxide, which is microwave-safe.

ALOx PET film is a high-performance packaging material distinguished by its use of non-chlorinated materials, ensuring no chlorinated compounds are emitted when burned, making it more environmentally friendly and safe.

Additionally, ALOx PET film offers a range of performance types, from medium to high barrier properties, suitable for dry goods and boilable food packaging. Its anti-static features also make the film ideal for applications requiring static control. These characteristics make ALOx PET film an excellent choice for various packaging needs.

CloudFilm, a leading manufacturer of high barrier film solutions, is dedicated to completely understanding who you are and exceeding customer expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our CloudFilm ALOx PET film and discover how our ALOx bopet barrier film can elevate your packaging and meet your specific needs.





Typical Values  

Test methods

ALOx-HA101 ALOx-HA102 ALOx-HA103 ALOx-HA104 ALOx-HA105 ALOx-HA106
Thickness μm 12.8 12.8 12.8 12.8 12.8 12.8 GB/T 6672-2001
Density g/cm3 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4 GB/T 1003.1-2008
Tensile strength MD MPa 232 232 232 232 232 230 GB/T1040.3-2006
TD MPa 220 220 220 220 220 220
Elongation at break MD % 103 103 103 103 108 109 GB/T1040.3-2006
TD % 108 108 108 108 110 110
Coefficient of friction(Static) Coated side / 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 GB/T 10006
Non Coated Side / 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Transmittance % 87 87 87 87 87 87 GB/T2410
Wetting tension Coated side mN/m 60 56 56 56 56 42 Dyne apparatus
Non Coated side 48 48 48 48 48 46
Water Transmission Rate 38℃&90%RH g/㎡/day 0.9 0.8 0.6 0.25 0.25 0.25 ASTM F1249
Oxygen Transmission Rate 23℃&0.1Mpa cc/㎡/day 1.5 0.3 0.4 0.15 0.15 0.13 ASTM D3985
Type ALOx Coated Films Application Packaging
Thickness(μm) 10~24 Certificate ISO9001/ CE/ UL
Width(mm) 300~2000 mm Package Pallet
Diameter(mm) 240~400 Sample Free
Paper Core(inch) 3″/6″ Payment T/T, LC,PayPal, Westunion
Material polyethylene terephthalate MOQ 1000KG
Corona Treatment Both sides/One side Port Qingdao Port
Processing Type ALOx Coated Place of Origin China

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Transform your packaging with CloudFilm’s ALOx PET Film, ensuring product longevity and quality

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ALOx PET Film Applications

  • Food Packaging: Used for packing perishable foods such as meats, cheese, dried fruits, and ready-to-eat meals to maintain freshness and extend shelf life.
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging: Suitable for packing medications, medical devices, and health supplements, providing protection and preventing contamination.
  • Electronics Packaging: Used to pack sensitive electronic items like chips and circuit boards, preventing moisture and dust infiltration.
  • Cosmetics Packaging: Appropriate for packaging cosmetics and personal care products, maintaining their quality and stability.
  • Industrial Applications: Used in industrial fields to create protective and insulating films, such as battery separators.


Elevate Your Packaging with ALOx PET Film by CloudFilm


Unparalleled Clarity and Protection


CloudFilm introduces the innovative ALOx PET film, setting a new standard in the packaging industry with its exceptional barrier properties and crystal-clear transparency.

Designed using advanced aluminum oxide technology, this film offers an unmatched barrier against oxygen and moisture, preserving product freshness and extending shelf life. Ideal for brands prioritizing visibility and durability, our ALOx barrier film is the eco-friendly choice for various packaging needs.


Sustainability Meets Performance


Our ALOx PET film emerges as a sustainable alternative to traditional packaging solutions. With minimal metallic content and compatibility with metal detectors, it’s a responsible choice for the environment and suitable for microwave applications.

This film represents a significant leap toward reducing packaging’s ecological footprint without sacrificing quality or performance. Our commitment to innovation allows us to offer an eco-conscious and highly effective product.


Customized Solutions for Diverse Industries


CloudFilm’s dedication to excellence is reflected in our versatile ALOx PET film, which is adaptable for high-end tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and food packaging.

We provide tailored solutions that meet our client’s needs, ensuring their products are well-protected and attractive. With CloudFilm, you gain a partner ready to support your packaging goals with cutting-edge solutions that enhance product appeal and sustainability.


Customized Solutions for Diverse Industries


Keywords: High Barrier Film, ALOx BOPET Barrier Film, Transparent Packaging Solution, Sustainable Packaging, Superior Barrier Properties


For packaging that combines visibility, protection, and environmental responsibility, look no further than CloudFilm’s ALOx BOPET Film. Embrace the future of packaging with us and make your products stand out while contributing to a healthier planet.

Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your packaging needs.


What is the process of AlOx coating?

AlOx (Aluminum Oxide) coating involves depositing a thin aluminum oxide layer onto a substrate, typically a polymer film such as PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate).

This coating enhances the film’s barrier properties, making it more resistant to gas, moisture, and light transmission, which is crucial for packaging applications.

The AlOx coating process is usually carried out using a technique called Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), the most common of which is Reactive Sputtering.

Here’s an overview of the process:

  1. Substrate Preparation: The PET film or other substrate is cleaned and prepared to ensure a smooth surface for coating. This may involve treating the film to improve adhesion.
  2. Vacuum Chamber: The substrate is placed in a vacuum chamber, which is then evacuated to create a low-pressure environment. This is necessary to prevent contamination and ensure uniform deposition of the coating.
  3. Sputtering Target: An aluminum target, typically a pure aluminum metal piece, is used to source the aluminum atoms that will form the coating.
  4. Reactive Sputtering: A controlled flow of oxygen gas is introduced in the vacuum chamber. An electric field is applied to create a plasma around the aluminum target. The energetic ions in the plasma collide with the aluminum target, ejecting aluminum atoms.
  5. Aluminum Oxide Formation: As the ejected aluminum atoms travel through the oxygen gas, they react with the oxygen to form aluminum oxide (Al2O3). These aluminum oxide molecules then deposit onto the surface of the substrate, forming a thin, transparent coating.
  6. Coating Thickness: The thickness of the AlOx coating can be controlled by adjusting the sputtering parameters, such as the power, pressure, and deposition time. The thickness typically ranges from a few nanometers to tens of nanometers.
  7. Post-Processing: After the coating process, the coated film may undergo additional treatments, such as curing or heat treatment, to enhance its properties and ensure the stability of the coating.

The AlOx-coated film provides excellent barrier properties against oxygen, water vapor, and other gases, making it suitable for sensitive applications such as food packaging, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. It is also transparent, allowing clear visibility of the contents, an advantage over other barrier films like metallized films.

What are the main applications of ALOx Coated PET Film?

It’s widely used in the packaging industry, particularly for sensitive products like foods, pharmaceuticals, and electronics, where protection from oxygen, moisture, and UV light is crucial. It’s also used in flexible packaging, lid stock, and retort applications.

Is ALOx Coated PET Film food-safe?

Yes, when manufactured according to food safety standards, ALOx-coated PET film is safe for food-contact applications. It’s commonly used in food packaging to preserve flavor, aroma, and quality.

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