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Largest Speciality Film China Supplier

CloudFilm offers a variety of specialty films. These films have unique functionalities and characteristics, and are widely used in packaging, labeling, and industrial applications, providing high-quality and customized solutions for our clients.


  • Functional Design: Tailored for specific application needs, meeting the packaging requirements of various industries and scenarios.
  • Easy Use:  Such as easy tear film or easy peel film.
  • Tactile and Aesthetic Appeal: Such as soft touch film.
  • Protection: Such as BOPP anti-scratch film and CPP anti-static film.

Speciality Film Series

CloudFilm, the flexible packiang film manufacturer, we supply a wide range of speciality films including easy peel films, easy tear films, soft touch films, anti scratch films, anti static films etc, to meet the special requirement of the packaging. Designed for convenience and quality, our films are perfect for food, pharmaceuticals, and everyday products, enhancing packaging with easy opening, superior barrier protection, and aesthetic appeal. Partner with us for customized, high-performance packaging solutions.

Enhanced User Experience

Speciality films such as easy tear film and easy peel film improve convenience, making it easier for consumers to access products.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Films like soft touch BOPP film and BOPP anti-scratch films add a premium look and feel to products, making them more appealing to customers.

Superior Protection

Options like CPP anti-static and BOPP anti-scratch films offer robust protection against physical and static damage, ensuring product integrity.

Customized Solutions

Speciality films are designed to meet specific industry needs, providing versatile packaging solutions that enhance product value and performance.

Why Choose CloudFilm's Specially Film for Your Packaging Needs?

Choose CloudFilm’s speciality film for your unique packaging needs. As a top supplier of speciality films in China, we offer a variety of speciality film solutions. Our speciality films are known for their superior performance and high-quality service, helping your product stand out in the market. Choosing us means choosing expertise and trust.

Products Categories
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Specially Film Applicaiton Food Packaging

Food Packaging

Easy Tear film and Easy Peel film are widely used in various food packaging, such as snacks, confectionery, and ready-to-eat meals, providing a convenient opening feature while ensuring the freshness and hygiene of the food.

Specially Film Applicaiton Electronic Product Packaging

Electronic Product Packaging

CPP anti-static film is used for packaging electronic products and components, preventing the accumulation and discharge of static electricity, and protecting sensitive electronic devices from damage.

Specially Film Applicaiton Book and Print Packaging

Book and Print Packaging

Soft touch BOPP film and BOPP anti-scratch film are used for the covers of books, magazines, and commercial prints, providing excellent appearance and feel while protecting printed materials from wear and scratches.

Specially Film Applicaiton Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging

Special films such as easy peel film and soft touch BOPP film are also used in cosmetic packaging, enhancing product appeal and user experience while protecting the contents from external influences.


The Ultimate FAQ About Speciality Film

How many types of speciality film can we supply?

We offer a range of specialty films that can provide convenience, high added value, or solve specific problems such as static electricity and scratches. The specialty films we currently offer include  anti static films, anti scratch films, easy tear films, easy peel films, and soft touch films.


What’s the application of your speciality film use?

These films can often bring convenience or high added value and can often bring unexpected results where there is a need:

Soft Touch Films are used in packaging that requires a premium, tactile feel, often seen in cosmetic, luxury goods, and high-end electronics packaging.

Easy Tear Films facilitate the effortless opening of packaging, which is ideal for consumer goods such as food and medical and health products.

Easy Peel Films are designed for convenience in packaging that requires a reliable yet easily openable seal, like food containers and pharmaceutical packaging.

Anti-Scratch Films provide enhanced protection against scratches and abrasion and are suitable for protecting electronics, automotive interiors, and high-quality printed materials.

Anti-Static Films are used in electronics packaging, explosive materials packaging, and other applications where static discharge needs to be minimized.


Innovative Solutions with Speciality Films


Explore our curated selection of Speciality Films, where innovation meets specific application needs. As a forward-thinking manufacturer, we offer films designed for unique challenges, from high-barrier properties to exceptional clarity and strength. Discover how our speciality films can elevate your product packaging and performance.


Beyond Ordinary: Advanced Applications


Our speciality films are engineered for advanced applications, delivering performance that transcends conventional packaging. Whether you need UV protection, antistatic properties, or enhanced durability, our films are tailored to offer superior solutions. Let our expertise guide you to the perfect film for your specialized requirements.


Commitment to Sustainability and Quality


Embrace sustainability without compromising on quality. Our speciality films are a testament to our commitment to environmental responsibility and high standards. Partner with us to benefit from eco-friendly, high-quality films that drive your success and support a sustainable future.

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