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Reliable Cast Polypropylene (CPP) Film China Supplier

CPP film is a durable, cast polypropylene film, recognized for its flexibility, transparency, and resistance to moisture and chemicals, commonly utilized in food packaging, textile wrapping, and stationery products.


  • High Transparency
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties
  • Good Heat Sealability
  • Good Chemical Stability
  • High-temperature resistance

CPP Film Series

Discover our diverse range of CPP Films(Cast Polypropylene Film), designed to meet your packaging needs with options like Clear, Metalized, Anti-Fog, and Retort varieties. Perfect for food, electronics, and high-temperature applications. Explore now for superior quality and performance.

High Transparency

CPP films offer exceptional clarity, ensuring products are visible and enhancing consumer appeal.

Excellent Heat Sealability

Ensures reliable sealing under various temperature conditions, enhancing the protective nature of the packaging.

Robust Tear and Puncture Resistance

It provides superior physical strength and protects products from physical damage.

Outstanding Chemical Stability

Suitable for food and pharmaceutical packaging, ensuring product safety from chemical interference.

Why Choose CloudFilm's CPP Film for Your Packaging Business?

Designed for versatility and performance, our CPP films cater to various packaging applications. Embrace the benefits of our state-of-the-art technology, offering superior clarity, strength, and flexibility. Our approach is customer-centric, providing 24/7 support, rapid delivery from our vast warehouses, and the option for free samples to experience our quality firsthand. Choose CloudFilm for CPP Film solutions that blend innovation, reliability, and tailored service, enhancing your product’s appeal and your brand’s growth.

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CPP Film Applications

CPP Film Application Food Packaging

Food Packaging

CPP film, with its excellent transparency, barrier properties, and sealing performance, is widely used in packaging candies, biscuits, bread, meat products, and frozen foods.

CPP Film Application Clothing Packaging

Textile Packaging

CPP film is used to package various textiles, such as clothing, bedding, and carpets, protecting them from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors.

CPP Film Application Stationery And Office Supplies

Stationery and Office Supplies

CPP film is used to package folders, book covers, calendars, and other stationery products, providing protection and an attractive appearance.

CPP Film Application Tissue Packaging

Tissue Packaging

CPP film, known for its good transparency, barrier properties, and heat-sealing capabilities, is commonly used for packaging tissues, protecting them from moisture and contamination while providing a clear visual display, ensuring the integrity and seal of the packaging.


The Ultimate FAQ About CPP Film

Q: What is CPP film?

A: CPP film, or Cast Polypropylene film, is a type of plastic film known for its clarity, strength, and flexibility. It is used in various packaging applications due to its excellent heat-sealing properties and resistance to moisture.


Q: What are the typical applications of CPP films?

A: CPP films are widely used in packaging for food, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and stationary, offering a protective layer that’s both transparent and durable. They are also used in lamination processes to enhance barrier properties.


Q: Are CPP films recyclable?

A: Yes, CPP films are recyclable. They belong to the polypropylene plastic category, which can be recycled depending on the capabilities of local recycling facilities.


Q: How do CPP films compare to other plastic films?

A: Compared to other plastic films, CPP films offer superior clarity, heat-sealability, and moisture resistance, making them ideal for packaging applications that require these properties.


Q: Can CPP films be used for food packaging?

A: Absolutely, CPP films are commonly used in food packaging due to their safety, clarity, and excellent barrier properties against moisture and contaminants, ensuring food products stay fresh longer.



Innovative Packaging Solutions with CPP Films


CPP films are at the forefront of flexible packaging, offering unmatched durability and versatility. They are tailored to meet the evolving needs of various industries, from food to healthcare, providing a reliable solution for preserving freshness and extending shelf life.


Tailored to Meet Your Demands


Our range of CPP Films includes options for every application, whether you need high-barrier films for sensitive products, anti-fog films for clear visibility, or heat-sealable films for secure packaging. Discover how our customizable CPP Films can enhance your product’s appeal and functionality.


Sustainability and Performance Combined


Choosing our CPP Films means investing in eco-friendly and efficient packaging solutions. Manufactured with sustainability in mind, these films protect your products and contribute to reducing environmental impact—partner with us for packaging that promises performance and respects the planet.

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