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nylon film roll
Simultaneous BOPA Film Manufacturing Plant
Simultaneous BOPA Film Detergent Packaging
Simultaneous BOPA Film Medical Device Packaging
nylon film roll
Simultaneous BOPA Film Manufacturing Plant
Simultaneous BOPA Film Detergent Packaging
Simultaneous BOPA Film Medical Device Packaging

Simultaneous BOPA Film

Simultaneous BOPA film is a highly efficient nylon film that achieves more uniform physical properties and higher production efficiency by stretching longitudinally and laterally simultaneously.

  • Simultaneous Stretching Process: Longitudinal and lateral stretching occur simultaneously, enhancing production efficiency and material uniformity.
  • Improved Physical Properties: The film has a more uniform thickness and strength due to simultaneous stretching.
  • Excellent Transparency: The simultaneous stretching technique enhances the film’s transparency.
  • Improved Mechanical Stability: Simultaneous stretching enhances the film’s mechanical stability and durability.

Simultaneous BOPA Film Description

Simultaneous BOPA film or nylon film is a revolutionary packaging material processed by advanced simultaneous biaxial stretching technology.

In the production, the film is stretched simultaneously in both the longitudinal and transverse directions, significantly improving production efficiency and film uniformity.

Simultaneous BOPA film, or one-step BOPA film, has excellent transparency, uniform thickness, and superior barrier properties. It effectively blocks oxygen and moisture to extend the product’s shelf life.

It’s the ideal packaging choice for its good mechanical stability and durability.

Simultaneous BOPA films, with smooth surface features and high transparency, excel in printing. The strong ink adhesion allows for more color printing on the surface, making the graphic durable and wear-resistant.

Simultaneous BOPA film suits various printing techniques, including traditional and modern methods. It can accurately display complex and fine patterns, making it suitable for the high-quality printing needs of high-end product packaging. This enhances packaging appeal and market recognition.

Simultaneous BOPA films are widely used in the food and pharmaceutical field.

CloudFilm is a leading simultaneous BOPA film supplier in China, dedicated to providing high-quality packaging solutions.

Technical Data Sheet on BOPA Film
Inspection Item Technical Index Unit Typical Value
Thickness _ μm 15
Thickness Tolerance GB/T 6672-2001 % ±3.0
Tensile Strength MD GB/T 1040.1-2006 MPa 230
TD 260
Elongation MD GB/T 1040.1-2006 % 110-150
TD 90-130
Tensile Modulus MD GB/T 1040.1-2006 MPa 2000
TD 1550
Tearing Strength MD GB/T 16578.2-2009 mN 110
TD 100
Anti-puncture Strength GB/T10004-2008 N 12
Shrinkage(160ºC,5min) MD GB/T 12027-2004 % ≤1.5
TD ≤1.5
*Friction Coefficient(dynamic/static) untreated/untreated GB 10006-1988 _ 0.2/0.3
Surface Tension(single-side treated) treated GB/T 14216-2008 mN/m 54
untreated 39
Surface Tension(double sides treated) inner GB/T 14216-2008 mN/m 54
outer 50
Haze GB/T 2410-2008 % 4
Gloss(45°degree) ASTM D 2457 % 100-110
OTR(23ºC,50%RH) ASTM D 3985 Cc/(.day.atm) <50
WVTR(38ºC,90%RH) ASTM F 1249 g/(.day) 260
Type One-Step Nylon Film MOQ 1000KG
Thickness(μm) 10~50 Certificate ISO9001/ CE/ UL
Width(mm) 300~2000 mm Package Pallet
Diameter(mm) 240~400 Sample Free
Paper Core(inch) 3″/6″ Payment T/T, LC, PayPal, Westunion
Material Nylon6 Application Packaging/Printing/Lamination
Corona Treatment One or Both side Port Qingdao Port
Processing Type Simultaneous Stretch Place of Origin China

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Our Simultaneous BOPA Film can provide excellent protection and outstanding printing effects for your products, improving product quality and market recognition.

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Simultaneous BOPA Film Applications

In the food industry, Simultaneous BOPA film is used for packaging meat, dairy products, and ready-to-eat foods, maintaining freshness and nutrition.

In the pharmaceutical industry, simultaneous BOPA film effectively protects drugs from moisture and oxygen damage, ensuring effectiveness and safety.

Simultaneous BOPA film performs excellently in the printing field. Its high transparency and smooth surface make it an ideal printing substrate, ensuring clear and vivid patterns and text.


Revolutionizing Packaging with Simultaneous BOPA Film


Innovative Packaging Solutions with Simultaneous BOPA Film


In the rapidly evolving world of packaging, the quest for materials that combine efficiency, quality, and versatility is relentless. Simultaneous BOPA film, a cutting-edge development in the Biaxially Oriented Polyamide (Nylon) family, sets new standards.

Crafted using advanced simultaneous biaxial stretching technology, this revolutionary packaging material, made from high-quality Nylon 6, is your ideal solution for diverse packaging needs.


Superior Performance for Diverse Applications


Simultaneous BOPA film distinguishes itself with unmatched transparency, uniform thickness, and superior barrier properties. It effectively blocks oxygen and moisture to safeguard and extend products’ shelf life.

Its mechanical stability and durability make it an unparalleled choice for the food and pharmaceutical industries, where maintaining freshness, nutrition, and efficacy is paramount.


Excellence in Printing and Brand Presentation


Simultaneous BOPA film excels in packaging aesthetics with its high transparency and smooth surface, ensuring vivid and clear print patterns and text. Its strong ink adhesion enhances the durability of the printed content, making it an ideal substrate for various printing techniques.

Whether traditional or modern printing methods, Simultaneous BOPA film ensures your products stand out on the shelves, enhancing brand appeal and market recognition.


CloudFilm: Your Trusted Supplier


As a leading supplier, CloudFilm is dedicated to providing high-quality Simultaneous BOPA films backed by a nationwide warehouse network that ensures quick and efficient delivery.

With us, you’re not just choosing a product; you’re opting for a partnership that guarantees innovative packaging solutions designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Incorporate Simultaneous BOPA film into your packaging strategy to experience the benefits of a material that offers protection and efficiency and contributes to your products’ aesthetic appeal. Contact CloudFilm today to explore how our Simultaneous BOPA film can revolutionize your packaging needs.


What’s the different between BOPA Film and Simultaneous BOPA Film?

The critical difference between BOPA film and Simultaneous BOPA film lies in the manufacturing process, specifically how the biaxial orientation is achieved:

BOPA Film:

Sequential Orientation:

The film is stretched in one direction first (initial orientation).

Then stretched in the perpendicular direction (90° rotation).

This two-step process is common and well-established.

Simultaneous BOPA Film:

One-step Orientation:

The film is stretched in both directions, usually via a tubular process.

This requires specialized machinery and advanced technical expertise.

Impact on Properties:

Crystallization: Simultaneous BOPA might have a more uniform and oriented crystal structure, potentially leading to:

Improved barrier properties (oxygen, moisture, etc.)

Enhanced mechanical strength and puncture resistance

Higher clarity and gloss

Production Efficiency:

Simultaneous BOPA can be faster and more energy-efficient compared to sequential BOPA.

What’s the Application of the Simultaneous Bopa Film?

Simultaneous BOPA film inherits the excellent properties of BOPA films, such as high mechanical strength, outstanding barrier properties against gases and aromas, and resistance to impact and puncture. However, its unique manufacturing process may enhance certain characteristics, making it particularly suitable for applications with critical uniformity in mechanical properties and optics. Here are some applications:

High-Quality Printing and Lamination: The uniformity and enhanced clarity of Simultaneous BOPA film make it an excellent substrate for high-quality printing and lamination, where visual appearance is paramount.

Specialized Food Packaging: It is ideal for packaging applications requiring uniform barrier properties, such as fresh produce, premium snacks, and quality meats. The film can help maintain freshness, taste, and aroma over extended periods.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging: The film’s uniform mechanical properties and barrier characteristics make it suitable for the sterile packaging of medical devices, diagnostic kits, and pharmaceuticals, where consistency and reliability are crucial.

Balloon and Inflatable Manufacture: The uniform strength and flexibility of Simultaneous BOPA film are advantageous for producing balloons, inflatable products, and other items requiring even stress distribution when inflated.

Technical and Industrial Applications: Its enhanced properties benefit technical applications such as high-pressure bags, automotive parts, and composite materials requiring uniform performance under stress.

Simultaneous BOPA film’s applications leverage its uniformity and enhanced properties to meet the demands of high-performance packaging and industrial uses, where consistency and reliability are key factors.

Is the Simultaneous BOPA Film Expensive?

Yes, Simultaneous BOPA film is generally more expensive than traditional BOPA film. Here’s why:

Higher production costs:

The specialized machinery and technical expertise required for simultaneous biaxial orientation significantly increase the manufacturing cost.

The one-step process can be more susceptible to process variations and scrap, potentially leading to higher material costs.

Emerging technology:

As a newer technology, the production volumes and economies of scale are not yet comparable to traditional BOPA, contributing to a higher price point.

However, the price premium can be offset by the potential benefits of Simultaneous BOPA:

Superior properties: Improved barrier properties, mechanical strength, clarity, and gloss can translate to better performance in demanding applications, potentially extending shelf life, reducing packaging waste, or enhancing product aesthetics.

Production efficiency: While the initial investment in machinery might be higher, the single-step process can be faster and more energy-efficient in the long run, potentially lowering operational costs.

Ultimately, the cost-effectiveness of Simultaneous BOPA depends on the specific application:

The premium price might be justified for high-value products requiring the best barrier and performance.

For more commodity applications where cost is a critical factor, traditional BOPA could be a better choice.

Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the cost-benefit trade-off:

Required barrier properties

Desired mechanical strength and clarity

Production volume and potential efficiencies

Product value and target market

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