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Co-extrusion EVOH Film
Co-extrusion EVOH Film Sausage Vacuum Packaging
Co-extrusion EVOH Film Nut Vacuum Packaging
Co-extrusion EVOH Film Seefood Vacuum Packaging
Co-extrusion EVOH Film
Co-extrusion EVOH Film Sausage Vacuum Packaging
Co-extrusion EVOH Film Nut Vacuum Packaging
Co-extrusion EVOH Film Seefood Vacuum Packaging

Co-extruded Film

CloudFilm is a leading manufacturer of co-extruded films, offering high-barrier co-extruded films made from materials such as PA, EVOH, PE, PP, and TIE.

  • High Barrier Performance: Effectively blocks oxygen and moisture, maintaining product integrity.
  • Low Sealing Initiation Temperature: Enables efficient sealing at lower temperatures, enhancing production flexibility.
  • Good Puncture Resistance: Provides reliable protection against punctures, ensuring product safety during handling and transportation.
  • Balanced Stiffness and Toughness: Offers a combination of rigidity and flexibility, optimizing packaging performance.
  • High Optical Performance: Delivers excellent clarity and transparency, enhancing product visibility and presentation.

Co-extruded Film Description

Multilayer co-extruded high-barrier films are typically produced using a blown or cast extrusion process. These films offer excellent barrier properties, mechanical properties, stretch forming, and heat-sealing capabilities.

Their processing eliminates the need for additional lamination and avoids issues with residues from printing ink, adhesives, and additives, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective food packaging technology.

This not only eliminates the risk of unnecessary contamination from esters, and benzene, but also other harmful components, and ensures food safety at a vacuum seal level of up to 100%.

Seven-layer, nine-layer, and eleven-layer co-extruded stretch films, commonly used in daily life, are high-barrier multilayer co-extruded films. They are produced by separately extruding various functional resins such as PA, PE, PP, and EVOH, which then converge in the same die before being unified by a blow-molding cooling process.

As variations of multilayer co-extruded stretch films, the seven-layer, nine-layer, and eleven-layer films can be slightly modified in their material selection and structural composition to achieve functionalities such as high temperature resistance, low-temperature freezing tolerance, and oil resistance, as well as preserving freshness and aroma.

These films are versatile and can be applied across various food packaging applications.

CloudFilm stands out as a premier supplier of various co-extruded films, ensuring top-notch quality and service every step of the way.

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Co-extruded Film Applications

Fresh meat products: Such as frozen beef, frozen pork, meat chunks, and meat slices.
Delicatessen: Like ham, smoked meat, sausages, grilled meat, roasted chicken, and marinated eggs.
Dairy products: Such as cheese and butter; Seafood, including frozen fish, pickled fish, and imitation crab meat.
Powdered products: Like coffee and powdered cheese.
Specialty items: Including dried tofu, pickles, peanuts, dates, dried and fresh vegetables, and other local specialties.


Elevating Barrier Solutions with Co-extrusion EVOH Film


Revolutionizing Packaging with High-Barrier EVOH Films


Modern packaging is paramount in its quest for sustainable materials that offer superior barrier properties without compromising sustainability. Our Co-extrusion EVOH film, also known as Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer film, emerges as a revolutionary solution engineered to meet the complex demands of today’s packaging industry.

As a leading EVOH film manufacturer, we specialize in producing films that offer an exceptional barrier to gases, odors, and flavors, preserving the integrity and extending the shelf life of packaged goods.


Advanced EVOH Films for Ultimate Protection


Our EVOH barrier films are a testament to our commitment to innovation and quality. Designed for many applications, from food packaging to medical supplies, these films offer unparalleled protection against oxygen, moisture, and contaminants.

By leveraging the unique properties of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer, our EVOH barrier films ensure that your products stay fresher and longer. This makes us the preferred EVOH film suppliers for businesses looking for reliable and effective packaging solutions.


Your Partner in Sustainable Packaging Excellence


Choosing our EVOH films means more than accessing high-quality barrier solutions; it’s about partnering with a company that prioritizes your needs and the planet’s well-being. Our co-extruded films provide superior barrier performance and, with their recyclability, support sustainability efforts.

As EVOH film manufacturers committed to excellence, we offer customized solutions to meet your specific packaging requirements. This ensures your products stand out in the competitive market while minimizing environmental impact.

Join us in embracing the future of packaging with our co-extrusion EVOH films – where innovation, protection, and sustainability converge.


What is EVOH Co-Extrusion Film?

EVOH Co-Extrusion Film is a type of multilayer film used in packaging that includes a layer of Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer. This material is known for its excellent barrier properties against gases like oxygen, making it ideal for food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic packaging.

Why is EVOH used in co-extrusion films?

EVOH is used in co-extrusion films for its superior barrier properties to gases, particularly oxygen. This helps preserve freshness and extend the shelf life of packaged products.

What are the advantages of using EVOH Co-Extrusion Film in packaging?

The main advantages include exceptional gas barrier properties, which improve product shelf life and quality, compatibility with other materials for enhanced mechanical properties, and flexibility in packaging design.

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