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CPE Film
CPE Film Vacuum Food Packaging
CPE Film Cloth Packaging
CPE Film Puncture Resistant Property
CPE Film
CPE Film Vacuum Food Packaging
CPE Film Cloth Packaging
CPE Film Puncture Resistant Property

CPE Film

Cast polyethylene film is a high-strength, highly transparent plastic film made through the cast extrusion process. It is widely used in packaging and industrial applications.

  • Good Mechanical Strength: CPE Film has high tensile and tear resistance.
  • Transparency: Offering clear visual effects, suitable for packaging that requires product display.
  • Good Chemical Stability: Resistant to various chemicals.
  • Efficient Barrier Properties: Effectively blocks the penetration of gases and moisture.

CPE Film Description

CPE films, also known as cast PE film or cast polyethylene film, made of polyethylene as the primary material, are formed through a casting process.

This film-making technology uses molten polymer extruded through a hole of a die and cooled on a cooling roller to form a film.

Unlike the blow molding process, the casting process uses higher temperatures, which results in faster production speeds, better film strength, and elongation.

Our cast polyethylene products are widely applied in diverse areas, including food packaging, drug packaging, and construction supplies.

With our wide experience and expertise, we can provide the cast films of different types you require.

CPE films are known for their high strength, high transparency, and excellent sealing features, which make them particularly popular in the food packaging industry.

They keep food safe from moisture and oxygen, yielding a clear visual display.

Furthermore, CPE films are widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, where these non-toxic and odorless properties ensure drug safety.

The BOPE/CPE composite structure has a unique monoolefine structure, which makes it recommended for applications requiring high strength, weather resistance, and barrier properties.

Functional requirements of CPE combined with other plastic films, including nylon, PET, and BOPP, are also possible.

CloudFilm was established in 2002 and is now one of the largest suppliers of cast polyethylene film (CPE) in China.

We have six major warehouses nationwide, allowing us to process big orders and deliver them quickly.

Product Type: Cast polyethylene film
Item Unit Typical Value
Thickness μm 50-100
Density g/cm² 0.89
Tensile Strength MD N/mm² ≥30
TD N/mm² ≥20
Heat Shrinkage MD % ≤1.0
TD % ≤1.0
Elongation at Break MD % ≥350
TD % ≥450
Friction Coefficient Static ≤0.8
Dynamic ≤0.8
Sealing Strength N/15mm 125oC≥8
Haze % ≤3.5
Gloss % ≥75
Surface tension mN/m ≥38
Type Cast Polyethylene Film Application Packaging
Thickness(μm) 30~50 Certificate ISO9001/ CE/ UL
Width(mm) 300~4000 mm Package Pallet
Diameter(mm) 240~400 Sample Free
Paper Core(inch) 3″/6″ Payment T/T, LC, PayPal, Westunion
Material polyethylene MOQ 1000KG
Corona Treatment None Port Qingdao Port
Processing Type Cast Place of Origin China

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CPE Film Applications

  • Food Packaging: Used to package various types of food to extend shelf life and maintain freshness.
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging: Used for safe packaging of drugs and medical devices, offering moisture and dust protection.
  • Agricultural Uses: As a covering material for crops to protect them from external environmental factors.
  • Industrial Product Packaging: Suitable for packaging various industrial components and products to prevent physical damage.
  • Consumer Electronics Packaging: Used for packaging electronic devices and accessories, providing anti-static and moisture-proof functions.
  • Household Goods Packaging: Used for packaging home items and daily consumer goods, such as cleaning agents and personal care products.


CPE Film: A Comprehensive Guide to Cast Polyethylene Excellence


Introducing CPE Film: The Ultimate Packaging Solution


Cast Polyethylene (CPE) film stands out for its exceptional versatility and performance in the diverse world of packaging materials.

Established in 2002 and now one of China’s leading CPE film suppliers, CloudFilm prides itself on meeting the packaging industry’s ever-evolving demands. With six major warehouses nationwide, we guarantee the capacity to fulfill large orders and ensure rapid delivery, setting us apart as a trusted partner in packaging solutions.


CPE Film: The Process and Advantages


CPE film, made from high-quality polyethylene, undergoes a casting process where molten polymer is extruded through a die and cooled on a roller to form the film. Utilizing high temperatures, this method offers advantages over the blow molding process, including faster production speeds, enhanced film strength, and superior elongation.

These qualities make CPE films a popular choice across various industries.


Where CPE Film Shines: Applications Galore


Our CPE films find ideal applications in sectors ranging from food and pharmaceutical packaging to construction supplies. They are particularly favored in the food packaging industry and are recognized for their high strength, transparency, and excellent sealing properties.

They adeptly protect food from moisture and oxygen while providing a clear visual display, making them indispensable in maintaining product integrity and appeal.

Moreover, CPE films’ non-toxic and odorless nature makes them suitable for pharmaceutical packaging, ensuring drug safety. Additionally, the BOPE/CPE composite structure, recommended for applications requiring high strength, weather resistance, and barrier properties, demonstrates the versatility of CPE films.

Depending on functional requirements, CPE can also be combined with other plastic films, including nylon, PET, and BOPP, offering tailored solutions to meet diverse packaging needs.


What is the production process for CPE Film?

The production process for CPE Film typically involves melting polyethylene and forming a film on a casting machine. This casting process ensures that the film has a uniform thickness and quality. Whether there are any specific steps or key parameters to be aware of during the production process may depend on the manufacturer’s specific methods and requirements.

In which application areas is CPE Film particularly popular?

CPE Film is widely popular in multiple application areas. Food packaging commonly uses it to extend shelf life and maintain freshness. It is also crucial in pharmaceutical packaging, providing non-toxic and odorless protection. Furthermore, CPE Film is extensively used in agriculture, industrial packaging, consumer electronics, and household goods packaging.

What’s the structure of the CPE Film?

CPE Film can be either single-layered or multi-layered. Multi-layered CPE Film is often created by incorporating different material layers to enhance specific properties, such as barrier performance or mechanical strength. Multi-layered structures can be customized according to an application’s needs, making CPE Film more versatile and suitable for various packaging and industrial applications. You can ask the manufacturer or supplier for specific information about multi-layered structures.

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