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petg shrink film manufacturer
PETG Shrink Film Bottle Packaging
PETG Shrink Film Bottle Label
PETG Shrink Film Bottle Neck Film
petg shrink film manufacturer
PETG Shrink Film Bottle Packaging
PETG Shrink Film Bottle Label
PETG Shrink Film Bottle Neck Film

PETG Shrink Film

PETG shrink film is a high-quality heat-shrinkable packaging material renowned for its high shrink ratio. It is widely used for efficient and aesthetically appealing packaging of various products.

  • Exceptional thermal shrinkage properties: Adaptable to various temperature environments.
  • High transparency and glossiness: Enhancing the packaging appearance.
  • Good mechanical strength: Ensuring the durability of packaging.
  • Excellent chemical stability: Protecting the product from external influences.
  • Easy to print and label: Suitable for custom designs.

PETG Shrink Film Description

The PETG heat shrink film, also known as heat shrink film PETG or shrink wrap film PETG, is a high-performance shrink film made from a non-crystalline copolyester by biaxial stretching in the end. This results in a durable and versatile PET film for packaging with excellent clarity and shrink properties.

It can be used to package containers with complex shapes and applied to shrink the packaging of beverages, food, cosmetics, electronic products, labels, and so forth.

In contrast to the common opaque films and poor packaging materials, it is more environmentally friendly.

The PETG heat shrink film offers the highest shrinkage rate, exceeding that of all other shrink films, thereby increasing its market coverage beyond that of other films.

The shrink labels made from PETG shrink film perform exceptionally well when it comes to shrinking, adhering perfectly to intricately shaped areas.

Since PETG film is a cost-effective material that can be recycled easily, has high gloss, and has a final shrinkage rate exceeding 75%, it satisfies the current market demand for bottles of different shapes.

Unlike most materials, recycling PETG does not need label separation, resulting in its clear rise in popularity to replace heat shrink films of other materials.

PETG shrink film properties include being available in matte and transparent versions; you can pick the one that suits you.

As a leading supplier of PETG shrink film, CloudFilm offers a comprehensive range of PET film sheets and roll options to meet your specific packaging needs. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality printable PETG shrink film and food-grade PETG shrink film solutions for a variety of industries.

Property Unit Typical values Test methods
Thickness μm 40,45,50 ASTM D374
Tensile strength(MD/TD) MPa 195.8/72.5 DIN53455-6-5
Elongation at break(MD/TD) % 66.4/272 DIN53455-6-5
Heat Shrinkage Heat Shrinkage MD/-4~1 ASTMD 1204
TD/70~73 (95℃, 10 sec)
Tearing Resistance mN/m MD/>150 ASTM D2578
Coefficient of friction C/0.444 DIN53375
Type PETG Shrink Films Application Packaging/Printing
Thickness(μm) 30~50 Certificate ISO9001/ CE/ UL
Width(mm) 300~2000 mm Package Pallet
Diameter(mm) 240~400 Sample Free
Paper Core(inch) 3″/6″ Payment T/T, LC,PayPal, Westunion
Material polyethylene terephthalate MOQ 1000KG
Corona Treatment One side Port Qingdao Port
Processing Type Coextension Place of Origin China

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More than just a product, CloudFilm’s PETG Shrink Film is a catalyst for your success. Enhance your packaging, elevate your brand, and give your products a unique market edge.

Products Categories
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PETG Shrink Film Applications

  • Food Packaging :PETG shrink film is widely used in food packaging to maintain the freshness of products such as meat, dairy, and frozen foods.
  • Retail Display :PETG shrink film is utilized for packaging beauty products, gifts, and toys, providing an attractive packaging appearance and protection.
  • Medical Device Packaging: In the medical field, PETG shrink film is used for packaging medical devices and pharmaceuticals, ensuring product hygiene and integrity.
  • Beverage Bottle Labels :PETG shrink film is commonly used for beverage bottle labels, offering anti-counterfeiting features and visual appeal to enhance brand visibility.
  • Toy and Game Packaging: PETG shrink film is employed for packaging toys and games, creating visual appeal and providing product protection.


Unlock the Potential of Packaging with Premier PETG Shrink Film


Innovative PETG Shrink Solutions for Standout Packaging


In a marketplace where the first impression can turn a browser into a buyer, our PETG shrink film offers an unparalleled blend of clarity, strength, and flexibility to elevate your product’s shelf appeal.

As a leading PETG film supplier, we harness advanced technology to deliver shrink films that promise to protect and captivate. Our films are engineered for performance, ensuring your products are dressed to impress in the competitive retail landscape.


Your Trusted Partner in PETG Film Excellence


Choosing us as your PETG film roll supplier means opting for reliability and quality that sets you apart. Our PETG shrink film is designed to cater to a wide range of applications, offering exceptional shrink ratios for a smooth, snug fit over any contour.

This versatility makes our films ideal for industries seeking to enhance brand visibility and consumer engagement. With our commitment to excellence and innovation, we stand as your ally in navigating the challenges of dynamic market demands.


Why Our PETG Shrink Film Stands Out


Our PETG shrink film meets and exceeds industry standards, providing a cost-effective, aesthetically superior packaging solution. The film’s high clarity and gloss enhance product visibility, while its durability protects against handling and display rigors.

As a trusted PETG film supplier, we offer customizable solutions that align with your unique packaging needs. We also support your environmental goals with recyclable materials—partner with us to experience a service that’s as reliable and exceptional as our products.


What Are the Unique Application Fields of PETG Shrink Film?

Food and Beverage Packaging:

PETG heat shrink film is extensively used in the food and beverage industry, especially in producing various bottles and cans.

Its heat shrink properties are particularly important in this field as they allow for creating packaging containers with complex shapes and attractive appearances.

For example, in the design of beverage bottles, PETG heat shrink film can adapt to the unique curves and shapes of bottles through the heat shrinking process, providing a seamless fit and elegant appearance.

This material not only ensures the aesthetic appeal of the packaging but also maintains its structural integrity and strength.

Bottles and cans made with PETG heat shrink film as a packaging material can withstand pressure and impact while maintaining transparency, allowing consumers to see the products inside the packaging clearly.

Medical Device Packaging:

PETG heat shrink film is favored in the medical device industry for its heat shrinkability and sterilizability.

It is extensively used to manufacture casings and packaging containers for various medical devices.

The heat shrinkage of PETG heat shrink film allows it to conform closely to the complex shapes of medical devices, offering superior protection and preventing movement or damage during transportation.

Additionally, PETG material can withstand high-temperature sterilization processes, such as gamma radiation and electron beam sterilization, which is crucial for maintaining the sterility of medical devices.

Such packaging transparency also allows medical personnel to inspect the integrity and condition of the instruments without opening the packaging.

What is the difference between PET and PETG film?

Both PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) are polyester films, they have critical differences in their chemical structure, properties, and applications. Here’s a breakdown:

Chemical Structure:

PET: Formed by combining two monomers, terephthalic acid (TPA) and ethylene glycol (EG).

PETG: Shares the same TPA component as PET, but incorporates an additional glycol modifier, giving it slightly different properties.


Clarity: Both offer excellent transparency.

Strength and Flexibility:

PET: More rigid and brittle, prone to cracking under stress.

PETG: More impact-resistant, flexible, and less likely to crack, making it suitable for applications requiring bending or shaping.

Chemical Resistance: Both offer good chemical resistance to common chemicals like acids, bases, and oils.

Temperature Resistance:

PET: Higher melting point, making it suitable for high-temperature applications like food packaging for hot products.

PETG: Slightly lower melting point, limiting its use for very high-temperature applications.

Biodegradability: Both are not readily biodegradable, though research on more sustainable alternatives is ongoing.



Food and beverage packaging (bottles, trays)

Pharmaceutical packaging (blister packs)

Textile fibers (polyester clothing)

Engineering films (electrical applications)


Thermoformed products (blisters, trays)

Signage and displays

Printing films (graphics, labels)

Food packaging (lower temperature applications)

3D printing filament (due to its good printability and strength)

Choosing between PET and PETG:

The choice between these films depends on your specific needs and priorities. Consider factors like:

Required strength and flexibility: If flexibility and impact resistance are crucial, PETG might be the better choice.

Temperature requirements: PET is preferable for high-temperature applications.

Application: PET is more common in food and beverage packaging, while PETG is found to be used in various non-food applications like printing and signage.

Remember, this is a general overview; specific product variations within each category might have additional features or limitations.

Is PETG film Safe for Food?

PETG, or polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified, is a type of plastic commonly used in various applications, including as a packaging material for food products. PETG is considered safe for food contact under specific conditions set by food safety authorities, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

PETG has several properties that make it suitable for food contact applications:

  1. Chemical Resistance: It is resistant to many chemicals, including those in food and beverages, which helps prevent contamination.
  2. Barrier Properties: PETG provides a good barrier against moisture and gases, helping to preserve the freshness and quality of food.
  3. Thermal Stability: It can withstand various temperatures, which is important for food packaging that may be subject to hot filling, refrigeration, or freezing.

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