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Best High Barrier Film And Aluminum Foil China Supplier

High barrier film is a packaging material with outstanding gas and moisture barrier properties, made through multi-layer co-extrusion or coating techniques, widely used in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic packaging to extend shelf life and maintain original quality.


  • Exceptional Gas Barrier Properties
  • Outstanding Moisture Barrier Properties
  • Good Chemical Stability
  • Good Mechanical Strength
  • Excellent Processability

High Barrier Film Series

We Supplier a broad range of high barrier films, it’s available in coated films, aluminum foil, co-extrusion films etc. Elevate your packaging solutions with our high barrier films, ensuring optimal freshness and extended shelf life. Ideal for a broad range of applications, from food to pharmaceuticals, our films offer unparalleled protection against moisture, oxygen, and aromas. Experience the difference with CloudFilm’s advanced barrier technology.

Superior Barrier Performance

Effectively blocks moisture, oxygen, and aroma, maintaining product freshness.

Extended Shelf Life

Prolongs the preservation of products, ideal for long-term storage of sensitive items.

High Chemical Stability

Suitable for pharmaceutical and food packaging, ensuring safe storage and transport.

Multi-layer Structure Design

Each layer serves a specific function, collectively enhancing overall performance and durability.

Secure Your Products with CloudFilm's High Barrier Film – The Ultimate Protection Solution.

Our high barrier films are expertly engineered to offer supreme protection against moisture, oxygen, and aromas, making them ideal for sensitive applications in food, pharmaceutical, and electronic packaging. Harnessing advanced materials like PVDC and laminated aluminum, these films ensure product integrity and extended shelf life. Located in Qingdao, we guarantee swift delivery and efficient supply chain management. Our commitment to quality is reflected in stringent testing and collaboration with industry leaders. Enjoy tailored service with 24/7 support, quick shipping, and free samples. Partner with us for high barrier film solutions that promise quality, reliability, and innovation, securing your products and brand reputation.

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High Barrier Film Application

High Barrier Film Application Food Packaging

Food Packaging

AlOx-coated PET film, PVDC coated film, and EVOH co-extruded film are widely used in the packaging of meat products, dairy products, candies, snacks, and frozen foods due to their excellent barrier properties against gases and moisture, effectively extending the shelf life of food.

High Barrier Film Application Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging

These high barrier films are used in pharmaceutical packaging for tablets, powders, and liquid medicines, protecting the drugs from moisture, oxygen, and light exposure, ensuring the stability and efficacy of the medication.

High Barrier Film Application Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging

EVOH co-extruded film and PVDC coated film are used in the packaging of cosmetics and skincare products, preventing the active ingredients in the products from deteriorating due to oxygen and moisture, maintaining the quality and effectiveness of the products.

High Barrier Film Application Home Cooking

Home Cooking

Aluminum foil is widely used in the packaging of baked goods and as a covering material for baking trays in home cooking due to its excellent barrier properties and heat resistance. It effectively prevents the intrusion of moisture, oxygen, and light, maintaining the freshness and flavor of food.


The Ultimate FAQ About High Barrier Films

Q: What are high barrier films?
A: High barrier films are specialized packaging materials designed to provide superior protection against the permeation of gases, moisture, and aromas. They are used to extend the shelf life and maintain the quality of packaged goods.


Q: What types of high barrier films do you offer?
A: We offer a range of high barrier films, including PVDC coated films, EVOH co-extrusion films, ALOX coated films, and aluminum foil, each tailored for specific packaging needs.


Q: How do PVDC coated films benefit packaging?
A: PVDC coated films offer excellent moisture and oxygen barrier properties, making them ideal for packaging products that require extended shelf life, such as food and pharmaceuticals.


Q: What are EVOH co-extrusion films, and what are their advantages?
A: EVOH co-extrusion films are multilayer films that include a layer of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer. They provide an outstanding barrier against gases and odors and are widely used for food packaging, particularly for oxygen-sensitive products.


Q: Can you explain ALOX coated films?
A: ALOX coated films are transparent films coated with aluminum oxide. They provide a high barrier against gases, moisture, and light while maintaining product visibility, perfect for packaging where product display is essential.


Q: Why use aluminum foil in packaging?
A: Aluminum foil is used in packaging for its unsurpassed barrier properties. It completely blocks light, oxygen, and moisture, protecting sensitive products from environmental factors.


Pioneering High-Barrier Films


CloudFilm, founded in 2002, stands out as a premier supplier of high-barrier films in China. Their product lineup, including Food Grade Aluminum Foil, Flexible Packaging Aluminum Foil, EVOH Co-Extrusion Film, and PVDC Coated Film, showcases their commitment to innovation and quality. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of food packaging and medical supplies, these films offer unparalleled protection and preservation capabilities.


Unmatched Quality and Versatility


With exceptional transparency, moisture, oxygen barrier performance, and superior mechanical strength, CloudFilm’s high-barrier films ensure the longevity and freshness of packaged goods. Their films are tailored for various applications, providing a versatile solution to the packaging industry’s evolving needs. This versatility positions CloudFilm as a go-to source for reliable packaging solutions.


Global Reach and Reliability


CloudFilm’s strategic approach to product development and supply chain management enables it to serve markets worldwide effectively. Its commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative packaging solutions has cemented its reputation as a trusted partner in the global market. As it continues to expand its offerings, CloudFilm aims to set new standards in the packaging industry.

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