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Stretch Hood Film
Stretch Hood Film For Industrial Packaging
Stretch Hood Film For Foods & Beverages Packaging
Stretch Hood Film For Exprot Goods Packaging
Stretch Hood Film
Stretch Hood Film For Industrial Packaging
Stretch Hood Film For Foods & Beverages Packaging
Stretch Hood Film For Exprot Goods Packaging

Stretch Hood Film

Stretch hood film is a highly elastic plastic film used to securely wrap and protect palletized goods from moisture, dust, and damage during storage and transport.

  • High Elasticity: Stretch hood film has excellent stretchability and retraction, fitting snugly around goods to provide stable packaging protection.
  • Energy Efficiency: Compared to heat-shrink film that requires heating, stretch hood film does not require additional energy during application, making it more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.
  • Rapid Packaging: The mechanized packaging process allows for much faster packaging speeds with stretch hood film than manual or semi-automatic methods.
  • High Transparency: Stretch hood film is typically highly transparent, making it easy to inspect the condition of goods during transport and storage.

Stretch Hood Film Description

Experience superior protection with CloudFilm’s Stretch Hood Film, designed to outperform traditional packaging methods like corrugated boxes, stretch films, and heat shrink films.

Our stretch hood film excels in protection, providing a tight seal that shields goods from moisture, dust, and damage more effectively than conventional methods. It offers remarkable cost efficiency by minimizing material usage and operational costs, thanks to its high stretch capability and durability.

Regarding logistics and management, stretch hood film simplifies processes, reducing the time needed for packaging and handling. Its high transparency allows for quick inspection of content without unpacking, enhancing inventory management and control. Additionally, this film is lighter than corrugated boxes, reducing shipping costs and improving handling efficiency.

Environmentally, stretch hood film is a sustainable choice. It requires less energy to produce compared to heat-shrink film and generates less waste than cardboard or other wrap materials.

CloudFilm is the truest supplier and manufacturer of stretch hood film, committed to delivering innovative, eco-friendly packaging solutions that meet the demands of modern logistics.

Performance Cartons Stretch Film Stretch Hood Film
Auto-packaging No Auto-packaging Auto-packaging Auto-packaging
Moisture & Dirt Proof Poor Poor Superior
Storage Indoor Storage Only Indoor Storage Only Outdorr and Indorr Storage
Holding Force Week Secondary High
Transport Safe High Easy to Collapse High
Performance Common Stretch Hood Film High-elasticity Stretch Hood Film
Stretch Ratio ≤100% ≤250%
One Size FIlm for Multi Size Products Poor Superior
Film for 5.6-7kg Washing Machine 240g 110-140g
Resistant to Sharp Edges and Corners Poor Superior
Puncture Resistance Poor Superior

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Maximize your packaging efficiency with CloudFilm’s Stretch Hood Film! Designed for high elasticity and cost-effectiveness, our film ensures a snug, secure fit while providing crystal-clear visibility. Ideal for protecting and displaying your products during transport. Inquire today to see how we can help enhance your packaging solutions!

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Stretch Hood Film Applications

Palletizing: Secures and stabilizes pallet loads for safer transportation and storage.

Building Materials: Ideal for wrapping bricks, tiles, and cement to protect them from moisture and dirt.

Chemicals: Provides a reliable barrier against contamination for chemicals in bags or drums.

Consumer Goods: Used for packaging appliances, electronics, and other consumer products to ensure they remain clean and undamaged.

Food and Beverage: Offers a clear, strong cover for food and beverage products, maintaining their integrity and cleanliness throughout the supply chain.


Unmatched Protection with CloudFilm’s Stretch Hood Film


Discover the ultimate protection solution with CloudFilm, a leading manufacturer of stretch hood film. Our innovative film is designed to offer superior durability and exceptional clarity, ensuring that your products are not only safe but also displayed in the best possible way during transit and storage.


Sustainable Solutions from a Responsible Manufacturer


As an environmentally conscious manufacturer, CloudFilm is committed to sustainability. Our stretch hood film is not only effective but also made with recyclable materials, helping you meet your environmental responsibilities while ensuring your products remain secure and pristine.


Partner with CloudFilm for Innovative Packaging


Choose CloudFilm, the expert supplier and manufacturer of Stretch Hood Film, for innovative packaging solutions that protect and promote your products. Contact us today to learn how we can assist in enhancing your packaging strategy with our state-of-the-art stretch hood film, tailored to your specific needs.


What materials are used in CloudFilm's Stretch Hood Film?

CloudFilm’s Stretch Speed Film is made from a blend of high-quality polyethylene resins, ensuring durability, stretchability, and clarity.

Can Stretch Hood Film be recycled?

Yes, our Stretch Hood Film is recyclable. It contributes to sustainable packaging solutions by reducing waste and resource consumption.

How does Stretch Hood Film compare to traditional shrink wrap?

Stretch Hood Film provides superior protection with less material use compared to traditional shrink wrap. It requires no heat application, making it more energy-efficient and faster to apply.

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