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The Role of Metalized BOPP Films in Food Packaging

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Metalized BOPP films have become a staple in food packaging, providing a multitude of benefits that ensure product freshness and shelf appeal. These films are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of the food industry, offering a combination of strength, barrier properties, and aesthetic qualities that traditional packaging materials cannot match. Their usage in wrapping snacks, preserving the aroma of coffee, and sealing nutritious products exemplifies their crucial role in safeguarding food items against external elements.

Their versatility extends to a variety of food packaging applications, from the inner layers of snack bags to the shiny wrappers of confectioneries. These films are instrumental in extending the shelf life of perishable goods while maintaining their taste and quality, making them an indispensable component in the packaging sector. The role of metalized BOPP films continues to evolve as the industry seeks innovative solutions to packaging challenges. In this post, we will discuss the uses of metalized BOPP film, their features, and how is metalized film made. Let’s dive in. 

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What Is Metalized BOPP Film?

Metalized BOPP film is a specialized material that combines the benefits of BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) with a thin metal layer, typically aluminum. The result is a coated metallized surface that enhances the film’s barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, and light. This treatment not only extends the product’s shelf life but also provides a high-gloss finish suitable for premium branding and packaging designs.

Often, these films are corona treated to increase the surface energy, ensuring better ink adhesion and printability. The inclusion of a metallized layer, whether it’s a metallized PET film or metallized CPP film, provides additional strength and barrier metallization, enhancing the overall packaging performance. Treated metallized films are a go-to choice for brands looking for reliable packaging that protects and showcases their products effectively.

Types of Metalized BOPP Films

Within the realm of packaging applications, metalized BOPP films are tailored to meet specific industry needs. These films range from non-heat sealable options for general overwrap to high-barrier varieties for products requiring maximum protection. Each type offers unique properties, contributing to the sustainable packaging solutions demanded by an environmentally conscious market. The diversity of metallized BOPP films ensures there is a suitable option for virtually any type of packaged goods.

Non-Heat Sealable

Non-heat sealable metalized BOPP films are used when heat sealing is not necessary for the packaging process. These films provide a protective layer that safeguards the product against external factors without the need for heat sealing, making them ideal for certain types of wrappers or as part of a larger packaging structure where other sealing methods are employed.

High-Bond (Crack Resistance)

High-bond metalized BOPP films are designed with crack resistance in mind, providing durability and resilience for packaging that must withstand stress without fracturing. This type of film is particularly beneficial for products that endure frequent handling or long shipping distances, ensuring the packaging remains intact and the product secure.

Normal Barrier

Normal barrier metalized BOPP films strike a balance between protection and cost-effectiveness, offering adequate barrier properties for everyday products. Suitable for a wide array of goods, these films are the standard choice for manufacturers seeking reliable performance without the need for high-level barrier solutions.

High Barrier

High barrier metalized BOPP films provide superior protection against oxygen and moisture, making them essential for packaging products that are sensitive to these elements. Their enhanced barrier properties ensure a longer shelf life and are often used for food items that require an extended freshness guarantee.

Matte Metalized

Matte metalized BOPP films offer a unique aesthetic with a non-reflective surface, catering to brands that desire a sophisticated, subdued packaging look. These films combine the protective qualities of metalized films with a modern matte finish, providing an alternative to the traditional glossy appearance.

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Role of Metalized BOPP Film in Food Packaging

Metalized BOPP film serves as an excellent overwrap film in food packaging, thanks to its versatile polymer structure that offers a host of benefits similar to metalized CPP film. The attributes of BOPP films, including their seal integrity and resistance to moisture and oxygen, make them a preferred choice for manufacturers. The benefits of BOPP extend to its adaptability to various packaging designs, supporting a wide range of applications while maintaining product integrity and freshness.

High Barrier Properties 

High barrier properties are a defining feature of metalized BOPP films, providing an impermeable shield against environmental factors that can degrade food quality. These films are engineered to prevent the permeation of oxygen and moisture, two of the main culprits in food spoilage. By blocking these elements, metalized BOPP films ensure that flavors, aromas, and nutrients are preserved from the point of packaging to the moment of consumption.

The effectiveness of these barrier films is critical in extending the shelf life of perishable items and maintaining the consistency of the product. The high barrier capabilities also allow for reduced preservative usage in foods, catering to the growing consumer demand for cleaner labels and healthier options.

Excellent Printability

One of the key advantages of metalized BOPP films is their excellent printability, which allows for high-quality graphics and branding to be applied directly onto the film surface. The corona treatment process enhances the surface energy, ensuring that inks adhere properly and result in vibrant, long-lasting prints that capture consumer attention.

Thanks to this capability, metalized BOPP films become a canvas for creative designs and marketing messages, turning packaging into a powerful tool for brand differentiation. The ability to print intricate artwork and detailed nutritional information directly on the packaging streamlines the production process and elevates the overall presentation of food products.

Reflective Surface

The reflective surface of metalized BOPP films is not only visually appealing but also functional. The shiny film surface acts as a barrier to light, which can be detrimental to the quality of light-sensitive products. By reflecting light away, these films protect the contents within, preserving the integrity of the product for a longer period.

Furthermore, the reflective nature of the packaging can enhance the visibility of products on retail shelves, attracting customers and potentially increasing sales. The combination of protective qualities and eye-catching appeal makes the reflective surface of metalized BOPP films a valuable feature in the competitive food marketplace.

Strong Adaptability

Metalized BOPP films exhibit strong adaptability, making them suitable for a vast range of packaging configurations. Their flexibility allows them to conform to various shapes and sizes, accommodating the diverse packaging needs of the food industry. From pouches to bags, metalized BOPP films can be tailored to fit the specific requirements of different food products, whether they be solid, liquid, or anything in between.

This adaptability extends to the compatibility of metalized BOPP films with different types of packaging machinery. They can be easily processed on standard equipment, which simplifies the packaging operations and reduces the need for specialized machinery. The ease of use and versatility of these films are similar to Food grade aluminum foil, which make them a preferred option for many food manufacturers. 

Wide Variety of BOPP Film Rolls

The market offers a wide variety of BOPP film rolls, each designed to meet specific packaging demands. These rolls come in different thicknesses, widths, and functional coatings, allowing for customization based on the protection and aesthetic requirements of the product. Such variety ensures that there is a BOPP film solution for nearly any packaging challenge.

From barrier films that provide unmatched protection to lamination films designed for enhanced durability, the selection of BOPP film rolls caters to the diverse needs of the food packaging industry. Manufacturers can choose the appropriate film to match their product’s needs, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

Decorative Purposes

Beyond their functional benefits, metalized BOPP films are also utilized for decorative purposes. The lustrous finish of metallized films adds a premium look to products, often associated with high-quality and luxury. This visual appeal can influence purchasing decisions, as consumers are drawn to the attractive packaging that stands out on the shelf.

Moreover, the option to use matte metalized finishes offers a unique tactile experience, providing an understated elegance to the packaging. Whether aiming for a bold, shiny appearance or a sophisticated matte look, metalized BOPP films offer solutions that enhance the consumer’s perception of the brand and the product.

Edge Over Paper Packaging

When comparing metallized films to traditional paper packaging, several advantages become apparent. Metallized BOPP films offer enhanced protection due to their barrier properties, which are crucial in the food packaging industry and have properties similar to Aluminized PET films. While paper can absorb moisture and odors, leading to potential spoilage, metallized films act as a robust barrier to such external elements. Furthermore, the heat sealing capabilities of these films ensure an airtight seal, extending the shelf life of the contained products.

The reflective surface of metallized films not only adds aesthetic appeal but also serves functional purposes, such as protecting contents from light exposure. In contrast to non-heat-sealed paper options, metalized BOPP films offer both flexibility and strength, resulting in less breakage and waste. Additionally, the raw material used in metalized BOPP films is often more lightweight than paper, leading to reduced shipping costs for the food and beverage industry.

Environment Friendly

Environmentally conscious consumers and brands are increasingly seeking eco-friendly packaging solutions. Metalized BOPP films meet this demand as many are recyclable, contributing to less waste in landfills. The production of these films often requires less raw material and energy than other packaging options, reducing their carbon footprint. Moreover, the strong barrier properties of BOPP films mean that food products stay fresh for longer, decreasing food waste.

Additionally, advancements in flexible packaging materials have led to the development of metalized BOPP films that can be easily separated and processed in recycling facilities. This compatibility with existing recycling streams is a significant step towards sustainable packaging, aligning with global efforts to create a more circular economy for packaging materials.

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Uses of Metalized BOPP Films

Corona treated and coated metallized BOPP films are prevalent in various sectors due to their versatility. They provide superior barrier properties against moisture and oxygen, preserving product integrity. Metallized PET and CPP films enhance the shelf appeal with their aesthetic qualities, while barrier metallized films offer additional protection against external factors, making them ideal for sensitive product packaging.

Food and Beverage Packaging

Metalized BOPP films are widely utilized in the food and beverage packaging sector. Their excellent barrier qualities make them a top choice for flexible food packaging, keeping contents safe from environmental factors and contaminants. Brands in the beverage industry favor these films for their ability to maintain product freshness while also offering high-quality printing surfaces for vibrant labels and designs.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

In the pharmaceutical industry, the cleanliness and safety of packaging are paramount. Metalized BOPP films are used as a raw material for medical packaging due to their non-toxic, food grade qualities. The properties of BOPP, including its clarity and stiffness, make it suitable for strip packaging and adhesive tapes, ensuring the secure transport and storage of medical products. Thermal lamination films made from BOPP offer additional protection, while non-heat sealable options allow for easy access to medications.

Cosmetic Packaging

For cosmetic products, packaging must be both protective and attractive. Metalized BOPP films provide a high-end look while safeguarding items from moisture and other damaging elements. Their excellent barrier properties and superior printability allow cosmetic brands to create stunning, durable packages that stand out on the shelves.

Retail Packaging

The retail sector benefits from the versatility of metalized BOPP films. They are commonly used for packaging a wide range of consumer goods due to their durability and high-quality print surface. These films offer the necessary protection against environmental factors, ensuring products remain in pristine condition from the warehouse to the consumer’s hands.


Labels made from metalized BOPP films are a popular choice for their high-gloss finish and strong durability. They resist tearing, water, and oil, making them ideal for products that face challenging environments. The reflective surface enhances brand visibility, ensuring products attract attention on crowded shelves.

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Metalized BOPP films have emerged as a cornerstone in the arena of plastic packaging, offering a multitude of benefits that cater to diverse packaging needs. These cpp films, known for their exceptional heat resistance, have paved the way for innovations in maintaining product freshness and extending shelf life. The polymer film structure, when metalized, gives food items superior protection against moisture and oxygen, ensuring that the contents stay safe and consumable for longer durations.

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