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What Is BOPP Tape In Packaging?

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What is BOPP Tape?


BOPP tape, made of biaxially oriented polypropylene film, is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive. This tape combines the high strength, chemical resistance, water resistance, transparency, and smoothness of BOPP film with the strong adhesiveness and ease of use of pressure-sensitive adhesive, making it an essential BOPP packaging tape.

The adhesive used in BOPP tape, such as acrylic, rubber, or hot melt, offers diverse adhesion, temperature resistance, and weatherability, ideal for BOPP packing tape suppliers.

BOPP tape is widely used in sealing, bundling, labeling, and general packaging, especially in retail, transportation, and storage industries. Due to its durability, stickiness, and adaptability, BOPP tape is a versatile and high-performance packaging material widely used in various situations.


BOPP Tapes


Types of BOPP Tape


The pressure-sensitive adhesive used in BOPP tape is a special type that exhibits stickiness under slight pressure. It can adhere at room temperature and be easily removed. Based on the kind of pressure-sensitive adhesive, BOPP tape can be categorized into two main types.

BOPP Acrylic Tape

It combines biaxially stretched polypropylene film’s high strength and transparency with an acrylic-based adhesive with excellent aging resistance and adhesion.

Thanks to its good weather resistance, high transparency, and multi-surface adhesiveness, it is widely used in commercial, industrial, and household packaging, particularly for sealing, bundling, and marking.

BOPP Hot Melt Tape

It incorporates high mechanical strength, transparent biaxially stretched polypropylene film, and a thermoplastic hot melt adhesive.

It is especially suitable for sealing, bundling, and packaging. Hot melt adhesives like EVA polymer are easy to coat when heated and quickly solidify upon cooling.

BOPP hot melt tape is popular for its strong adhesiveness, temperature resistance, easy processing, and eco-friendliness, particularly in commercial and industrial sealing, including light to medium-weight packaging. Despite temperature or chemical limitations, its rapid production and mechanical performance advantages remain prominent.

Both types of tapes can be made in different colors. In addition to the most widely used transparent tape, they can be produced as white BOPP tape, red BOPP tape, brown BOPP tape, and other customizable colors.


BOPP Acrylic Tapes


Benefits Of Using BOPP Tape


BOPP tape is widely used in packaging and sealing due to its numerous advantages.

High Strength and Durability

The biaxially stretched BOPP film gives the tape excellent tensile strength and durability, making it suitable for heavy-duty packaging and long-term storage.

Excellent Transparency

BOPP tape’s high transparency is ideal for situations requiring clear visibility, such as branding and safety warnings.

Good Adhesive Performance

It adheres firmly to various surfaces, including paper, cardboard, and plastic.

Water and Chemical Resistance

BOPP material resists water and various chemicals and is suitable for diverse environments.

Environmentally Friendly

BOPP tape is free from chlorides and other harmful substances, making it more eco-friendly than PVC tape.

Age Resistance

BOPP tape resists yellowing or loss of stickiness over time and is suitable for long-term storage.


BOPP tape offers higher cost-effectiveness than other packaging materials, especially when used in large quantities.

Easy to Process and Print

BOPP tape can be processed in various sizes and is suitable for printing, such as corporate branding.


BOPP Tape Packaging Equipment


What Is BOPP Tape Used For?


BOPP tape jumbo rolls are not suitable for direct use. BOPP Tape manufacturers need to use special equipment for slitting and rewinding. This process creates tape rolls of various specifications. Typical applications of BOPP tape include:


BOPP tape is widely used for reinforcing cartons and packaging boxes due to its strength and durability, suitable for commercial and industrial transport.


Used for bundling, securing, and protecting goods to ensure safe transportation.

Labeling and Tagging

Suitable for creating warning and instructional labels, easy to print and mark.

Office and Home Use

Commonly used for adhesive bonding, repairing, and securing everyday items.

Crafts and DIY Projects

Its transparency and ease of cutting make it suitable for handicrafts and DIY.

Logistics and Storage

Used for labeling goods, sealing, and securing items on shelves to maintain order.


BOPP Tape Film Slitting




BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) film tapes are renowned for their exceptional strength, durability, and clarity, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of packaging and labeling applications. These tapes offer excellent moisture, chemicals, and abrasion resistance, ensuring the protection and security of packaged goods during transportation and storage.

BOPP film tapes are also favored for their superior adhesive properties, providing a strong and reliable seal on various surfaces. Their high tensile strength and flexibility allow for easy application and handling, while their transparency ensures that packaging aesthetics are maintained.

Additionally, BOPP film tapes are environmentally friendly, as they are recyclable and do not emit harmful substances during production or disposal. With their performance, versatility, and sustainability combination, BOPP film tapes are preferred for businesses and industries seeking efficient and effective packaging solutions.

If you want high-quality BOPP film for tape manufacturing, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and support.


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