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Exploring The Different Types Of BOPP Film: A High-Performance Packaging Solution

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Packaging Queen BOPP Film


BOPP is the “packaging queen” in the packaging film industry. It plays a pivotal role in the flexible packaging industry. Since the end of the 1970s, the type of BOPP has also been continuously enriched, adding luster to the world of plastics.

Polypropylene films that are stretched in cross directions and machine are termed Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films. BOPP has received tremendous admiration as a high-growth film as it is an excellent barrier for water vapour, acts as a barrier to greases and oil, can be recycled, and is not affected by environmental changes. The diverse types of BOPP films include heat sealable, pearlized, thermal lamination, glossy, matte, and printable film. BOPP film manufacturers prioritize films with the highest quality standards and designs for superior performance.

The biodegradability and non-toxic features of BOPP films make it one of the most eco-friendly films on the market. With the growing awareness about environmental and pollution issues, it is more important than ever to consider such concerns.

BOPP Glossy Film


Key highlights


BOPP films are increasingly adopted in the fields of applications like packaging, labeling, and lamination. These films are the preferred substrate for food packaging globally, owing to their inherent moisture barrier properties and sealability. Over the last few years, the demand for BOPP film has increased to 3.5% per annum. The need for flexible packaging has boosted BOPP film. CloudFilm’s BOPP film series is an excellent, high-quality packaging solution for customers.


Let’s explore the different types of this rising market’s packaging solution


BOPP films are available in different types. Flexible packaging needs to be as customizable as the name suggests. Therefore, BOPP films play a significant role in various fields by offering a number of its types. These types include:

Metallized BOPP Films

Metallized BOPP films are coated with a thin layer of metal (usually aluminum) to impart a metallic appearance and enhance barrier properties.


Frequently used for flexible packaging of snacks, candies, pharmaceuticals and toiletries, providing superior shelf life and protection against moisture and oxygen.


Pharmaceutical Packaging

Metallized BOPP Films in pharmaceuticals


BOPP Holographic Film

BOPP holographic film is made up of thermoplastic. It is a visually attractive film, featuring holographic patterns. These films are available in both transparent and opaque both.


This type of lamination is mostly used to enhance brand packaging. It is mostly used in food, cosmetic, tobacco and alcohol packaging. It finds its applications in gift wrapping, security labels and decorative materials.


transparent holographic film

BOPP Holographic Film


Printable BOPP Film

Printable BOPP film has excellent gloss and high transparency. BOPP films are known for their excellent printability. Therefore this film is an ideal solution when it comes to advertising or decorating a product.


You can use both sides of treated glossy or matte BOPP films for this purpose. The printed side remains at the outer side while the inner side is joined (to the other film) with an adhesive.


Snack Packaging

Printable BOPP Film for snacks packaging


BOPP Matte Film

BOPP matte film has excellent machinability and is ideal for lamination. With its eco-friendly film property, it is also significantly water and pollution-resistant. CloudFilm which is a manufacturer of soft touch matte laminating BOPP film provides both standard and customized soft touch film products and is committed to providing quality services and samples free of cost to a team of experts who are capable of providing customized solutions according to your requirements.


This BOPP matte film is mainly used for flower packaging, reverse printing, lamination, textbook covering, and foodstuff packaging for flexible packaging.


BOPP Matte Film Perfume Bottle Packaging

BOPP Matt transparent film


Heat Sealable BOPP Film

Heat sealable BOPP film is stretchable, printable, and ideal for thermal lamination. It is a multi-layered film in which the first layer is a protective coating for the core. Then the core layer is BOPP film, and the innermost layer is heat-sensitive.


Heat sealable BOPP film comes with a high-intensity seal to provide a secure and tight bond for flexible packaging that includes bakery items, confectionaries, and biscuit wraps.


Heat Sealable BOPP Film Mask Packaging

BOPP Heat Sealable Film for mask packaging


Anti-Fog BOPP Films

Anti-fog BOPP films contains additives that prevent fog formation on the film surface, maintaining clarity even under refrigerated conditions.


Essential for packaging fresh produce, salads, and refrigerated foods to ensure visual appeal and product visibility.


Vegetable Packaging

Anti-Fog- Heat sealable BOPP films


BOPP Pearlized Film

This film is a pearl-like white film that is opaque. It is the most in-demand film because the white surface provides excellent print adhesion.


BOPP pearlized film laminates ice creams, candies, labels, drugs, and cosmetics. This film protects the products from sunlight, moisture, bacteria, and odour. It has low density, good machinability, and is antistatic.

Therefore you can easily use this film in printing and laminating machines. Also, due to its glossy and beautifully printing appearance, retailers prefer to have this film.


bopp Pearlized film

BOPP Pearlized Film


BOPP Gloss Film

This gloss film is available with different thicknesses, widths, and properties to laminate. BOPP glossy film is amazingly eco-friendly because, upon sun exposure, it doesn’t emit toxic materials. Thus, this film is the best to laminate food products. You can get BOPP gloss film in different types like matte, printable, tape-grade, and pearlized.

There are more than 1000 variants of BOPP gloss films. This film is in high demand because of its durability, strength, recyclability, and versatility.


This film is ideal for cold lamination as it shows high adhesion strength with water-based, solvent-based, UV, or hot-melt adhesives. These laminates are ideal for hygiene and personal care products.

BOPP Glossy Film Magazine Cover

BOPP Glossy Lamination Film


BOPP Thermal Lamination Film

BOPP thermal lamination film is a heat-activated film, commonly used for lamination purposes with paper or other plastic films, offering excellent durability and clarity for printed material.


BOPP thermal lamination Film finds its usage in the printing industry, document protection, advertising and exhibitions, decoration and artwork protection.


Advertising and Exhibitions

BOPP Thermal Lamination Film


Innovations in BOPP Films


Recycled Packaging

Packaging must achieve several criteria to be recycled, including separability, labelling, colouring, and cleanliness. BOPP filmmakers are trying to meet these standards with innovative package designs and by providing recyclable products.

The Bioplastics Revolution

Another priority is using superior biopolymers as a replacement for fossil-fuel-based materials. They aid in decreasing production’s carbon footprint, which has substantial implications for sustainability.

The Influence of the Customer

Regarding boosting the durability of packaging materials, communicating with customers about the best ways to use and reuse packaging is equally critical. Your efforts to create sustainable packaging will pay off when customers are informed about using, managing, and recycling packaging.


Conclusion: A versatile packaging film in a nutshell


BOPP films continue to evolve to meet the dynamic demands of the packaging industry, offering an extensive array of types, applications, and innovative solutions. From plain films to high-barrier and bio-based alternatives, BOPP films play a pivotal role in enhancing product visibility, shelf life, and sustainability across various sectors. As technology advances and sustainability concerns grow, the future of BOPP films lies in continuous innovation, driving towards eco-friendly, functional, and high-performance packaging solutions.

BOPP films are ubiquitous daily, although their presence often goes unnoticed. Due to their exceptional properties and versatility, BOPP films have revolutionized the packaging industry and become indispensable in various sectors. From food packaging to industrial applications, BOPP films play a crucial role. This blog post explores the sorts of BOPP films. We hope this blog will help you find a great flexible packaging solution in different sectors.

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